Why GTA 3 is the oldest GTA trilogy game

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Final Edition has arrived and it remakes three classic games for modern generation gaming systems. Grand Theft Auto: Town often praised for its encapsulating 80s Miami style and its eye-catching aesthetic. Grand Theft Auto san andreas also received much acclaim for its intricate gameplay, engaging story, and unforgettable quests. However, Grand Theft Auto 3 is also a hugely important title in video game history, even if it is often overshadowed by its successors.

With the recent remaster of GTA trilogy, GTA 3 got a chance to bask in the limelight once again. Hopefully, this will give the game a chance to find as much public love as its successors. In addition to launching GTA the franchise became mainstream, the original game also had some well-made aspects that have resulted in the game aging much better than the titles that came out after it.


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GTA 3 – Claude the main character is silent

large automatic shotgun 3 claude theft

One of the Notable features of Grand Theft Auto Game is a bunch of interesting characters displayed. Each title in the series features eccentric characters like Trevor Philips or villains like Officer Frank Tenpenny that gamers love to hate. In this crazy cast, GTA 3The main character of the main character stands out because he is completely silent. Transparent GTA 3The entire time playing, Claude doesn’t say a word as he embarks on his quest for revenge. This is referenced in San Andreas in which Carl Johnson refers to Claude as a snake without a tongue.

While it might seem strange to Claude at first, having him mute is a great choice. While protagonists like CJ and Tommy Vercetti continue to show their age through the dated language they use, Claude still transcends time simply by keeping his mouth shut. Therefore, players from any year can jump in GTA 3 and identify with Claude without feeling like they were dealing with an unrelated character from another time period. The silent Claude was still an ordinary person, albeit one less prone to crime than most people.

GTA 3 Less Bloat

GTA 3 movie trilogy

With each new entry in NS GTA series, a bunch of new features are added. Most of these features are beneficial features that expand the player’s degree of freedom. This includes the ability to change clothes, get a tattoo and go to the barbershop for a stylish haircut. However, there have also been some added features that seem to take away from the gaming experience.

A lot of these features found in GTA San Andreas. This is expected because San Andreas by far the boldest and most ambitious title in the trilogy. San Andreas had great light RPG elements at the time the game was released. If CJ eats too much, he will become overweight, which reduces his running speed, while training allows him to gain muscle. Spending time cycling will improve CJ’s cycling skills and improvements in driving skills will be achieved by spending some hours driving. While these might seem like great features at first glance, in reality, they don’t increase the fun factor of the game. Making CJ fat and maintaining his weight takes a lot of effort, and so does maintaining a muscular body. In the end, it’s easier to forget about the mechanics of adding an unnecessary layer of complexity.

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Fortunately, GTA 3 none of these features and that benefits the game. Claude doesn’t need to be fed, he doesn’t need to go to the gym, and he doesn’t go out juggling girlfriends like CJ in San Andreas. Claude just needs his health high enough to tackle the next quest, and he needs to stop at his safehouse every now and then to save his progress. Finally, the streamlined gameplay allows GTA 3 to age more gracefully than its successors.

GTA 3 tells a timeless story

Donald Love & Claude From GTA 3 Definitive Edition

Inasmuch as San Andreas there is one of the most fascinating things and the daring stories available in the game, it is also a story with a very topical position, drawing from historical events and certain moments in American history. The riots that take place in the game are an allusion to the 1992 LA riots, while the tension between the Grove Street Family and other gangs mimics the effects of the crack pandemic in the 1980s and 1990s. While a video game’s resolution of social issues and historical events is certainly commendable, it also has a chronological effect on the game. As time goes on and older generations give way to newer ones, the impact of the events alluded to will lessen and new social issues come to the fore.

Same problems arise with Town. While it beautifully captures a moment in time past excellent visuals and soundtrack, many of the finer details and movie references may have been lost to a newer generation who hasn’t yet received it. exposure to these cultural influences. Therefore, while the game does a good job of providing an overall view of Miami, it may not be familiar to modern Miami gamers.

While comparing, GTA 3 seems less bogged down Follow the date references and try to catch specific moments in time. Despite the obvious mentions of gangster movies like Godfather, the parody of New York presented is a parody that still resonates today as well as decades ago when GTA 3 was originally released. New York remains the same bustling city that requires smart navigation on its streets, the urban landscape ruled by the laws of survival of the fittest, and there’s still an underworld. full of seeds lying just below the surface of hypercapitalism.

The great thing is GTA feature trio of all three games. Thus, players can jump to their favorite title whether it is GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, or GTA San Andreas. However, for those who are inclined to ignore GTA 3 because it’s the oldest title in the trilogy, maybe it’s worth giving this gem a second chance.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Final Edition available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Android and iOS ports are slated to release in early 2022.

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