Why GameCube is Nintendo’s Most Underrated Console

The Nintendo GameCube has long been considered one of Nintendo’s weakest consoles, but in retrospect it’s one of the company’s most important.

Nintendo GameCube is underrated

As the oldest console manufacturer in the video game industry today, Nintendo has built up an extensive system library with varying degrees of success. From the breathtaking introduction of the NES to the Wii’s revolutionary motion controls, Nintendo pushed the limits of hardware and software production in ways few other companies could match. However, there was a time when Nintendo took a mid-way approach with its hardware. Perhaps the best example of this is Nintendo GameCube.


While GameCube not a total flop, it was released in an extremely competitive time for the video game industry. A year before the launch of the GameCube, Sony released what would become one of the most successful consoles of all time: the PlayStation 2. On top of that, Microsoft’s introduction to the gaming space took place the same week. with the launch of the GameCube through the revolutionary original Xbox. The GameCube doesn’t seem to fit in for a number of reasons, but looking back it’s still one of Nintendo’s most underrated systems.

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Longevity of GameCube’s graphics

Super Mario 3D Allstars Sunshine

One of the frequent points of criticism for the GameCube is that this console is not powerful enough. Although this may be true in some cases, especially compared to PS2, the GameCube’s graphics output remains pretty good to this day. Games like Super Mario Sunshine and F-Zero GX looks as colorful and smooth as many of today’s biggest releases that, in some cases, outperform other titles on PS2 and Xbox. Even if some of the GameCube releases aren’t mechanically complicated, there’s a visual polish that persists 20 years later.

GameCube’s influence on today’s Nintendo games

Nintendo has always had a reputation for experimenting with its IP, and that trend is arguably the most prevalent in the GameCube era. Super Mario Sunshine introduced the mechanic F.LU.DD, who will have more influence on motion mechanics in Galaxy and Odyssey; Metroid Prime bearing 2D Metroid series into the third dimension to create one of Nintendo’s most beloved sub-franchises; and Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. is largely responsible for the existence of Super Smash Bros. like a powerhouse orthodox fighting game. It may be an odd console, but without the GameCube, Nintendo’s first-party properties would look very different today – especially considering its newly introduced franchises. , such as Pikmin.

Precursor to Switch’s mobility

switch oled screensaver

Perhaps the most frequent complaint against the GameCube is the design of the console, with its simple shape and portable handle leading many to compare it to a lunchbox. When considering Nintendo’s intentions, it’s clear that the GameCube paved the way for Switch portability. The GameCube’s compact shape makes it easy to take with you to friends’ homes or family events, where many of the console’s co-op-friendly games can be shared. Compare this to fully portable and Very successful conversion, and it looks like Nintendo got the idea a few years early.

It’s easy to dismiss the GameCube as a weak system that can’t bring in sales, but to do that wouldn’t matter how much GameCube contributed to making Nintendo what it is today. In this day and age, this is the most obvious of all the GameCube remakes fans have been asking for, with many still hoping. a new virtual console on Switch may have old feature GameCube titles. While there’s nothing of this sort in any of Nintendo’s official plans, these claims are testament to the system’s true legacy.

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