Why Final Fantasy 14 Is So Popular Now

Absolutely no longer ignore the massive exodus of gamers in Final Fantasy 14. And frankly, it’s unprecedented for any game to be run as long as FFXIV have. Players note that the servers are congested and even the Square Enix store has trouble getting the codes out fast enough.

Some people call it “World of Warcraft” emigrated, as many come from the long-standing “King” of MMORPGs. Honestly, it’s not that simple.

A perfect storm of elements from all over the game space has resulted in the past weeks. Yes, this includes backlash against the game’s inspiration, World of Warcraft, which even the director of the game has to praise. But players can join any other MMORPG including Guild Wars 2, has a free account system similar to FFXIV, and a perfectly decent story.

So what prompted the hype train for FFXIV? Actually, it’s been around for quite some time now, and a lot of factors over the past few years have fueled it.

It has been getting better over the years

One of the first things you’ll hear about FFXIV is that it only gets better after A realm of rebirth, the base game. In fact, despite being the “base game”, A realm of rebirth is actually version 2.0 of the game, so it’s already “better”.

Story about FFXIV’s Reincarnation is an integral part of the game’s popularity. Director Naoki Yoshida, who previously helped keep Dragon Quest floating series for Square Enix, was brought on board in FFXIV’s Game 1.0, despite its many quirks that are still celebrated to this day, is considered a complete and utter disaster. The game resets the rules by unleashing Bahamut, one of the franchise’s most powerful creatures to date, into the world in real-time – and killing the client and server at just the right moment. there.

Final Fantasy 14

Since then, the quality of the game has only been raised, especially in terms of its writing, a core necessity in Final Fantasy Franchising. Heavensward, the MMO’s first expansion, is considered an extraordinary work of art; an epic sublime fantasy that subverts and critiques the usual narratives of the genre. And while Stormblood not considered quite as good – common complaints include feeling a bit rushed, clearly two story extensions, and cornered exploration – it’s still a perfectly good expansion for most players.

In addition to previous expansions that were repeat hits, over the years, Final Fantasy 14 introduced and improved the combat systems and game content to make it more accessible to new players.

Released in July 2019, Shadowbringers is where most players talk about the game and even Final Fantasy franchise, has reached its peak so far. It pulls a higher Metacritic score than most other games in the franchise. Arguably, this is where one could say the increase in tryout players FFXIV has begun, but the quality of the game alone is not enough to attract hundreds of thousands of new players.

Extended main time, extended trial

Ready, FFXIV had a free trial for a while with many standard anti-bot restrictions: no markets, no social requests nor private messages, currency limits. Notably, it only runs to level 35, which only gives the player a reveal about the main character before leaving them in an awkward game. Of course, it also doesn’t allow for a more complete set of combat skills, as the first major “milestone” for class performance is level 50 (and continues every 10 levels).

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, even the limited test was more than enough for many players to hope and dedicate Final Fantasy 14 once before fully committing to the game and signing up. It is clear that players have been affected by many “quiet” worlds that start to have queues during peak times.

However, at the same time, FFXIV team notice that patch 5.3, Reflection in crystal, will extend the test. First, keep this patch in mind, if you’re following the timeline, that the extended trial is also among a bunch of other quality of life updates and the end of the series. Shadowbringers arc.

If you’ve joined the gaming community in the past few months and seen the “try it for free” meme, this is largely where it came from. Patch 5.3 extended the free trial to include Heavensward and raised the level cap for all classes, combat and non-combat, to 60. And as discussed before, Heavensward is good damn; much, much players like it more Shadowbringers only by personal opinion (not of one being inferior to another).

But the hype isn’t just provided by testing. Reflection in crystal Still being praised as one of the best drop stories to date. It is even considered by some to be better than the rest of the Shadowbringers. It also does fly to regions of the base game, implements this expansion’s mandatory grind content, introduces fan-favorite daily “tribe” quests (have a literal tank as a reward), etc

In other words, the release of a free trial in the golden era of FFXIV content, in the midst of a global accommodation pandemic, sent the hype train soaring. And yes, experimentation made a difference, and director Naoki Yoshida told us as much in a recent interview. Once again, recommending the free trial to friends became a meme, and bunny girls have now wreaked havoc on the gaming community.

World of Warcraft’s Worst Enemy (Not FFXIV)

Now for the elephant in the room: World of Warcraft migration.

WoW player converts to FFXIV has been a phenomenon for quite some time. “WoW refugee” is a popular term for such players, who often compare their old home with FFXIV’s Relatively accepting user base, accessible combat, transparent development team, and consistent story.

These are fairly neutral and even relaxed assessments of such “refugees” until recently, as this is very important to them. World of Warcraft and its development team has been simmering for several months now. Players have been waiting By WoW first expansion, 9.1, in about nine months, hopefully at least The story will be improved. Meanwhile, complaints about a toxic player base, time-constrained story content, and honing a sense of reality like a must-have job continue to surface and make player crashes.

Final Fantasy 14

Meanwhile, there is a slow transition for WoW and other game content creators to FFXIV. While many numbers garner attention on YouTube and Twitch, including Jesse Cox and Rich Campbell, the biggest number is still WoW-central is YouTuber and streamer Asmongold. While before that he lied FFXIV and even declined funding from Square Enix (to keep his views on the game honest, he claims), it seems pressure from his fellow creators has made him also must try the game. His first stream attracted more than 200,000 viewers and he continues to play to this day as he progresses.

And after that WoWPatch 9.1 of mine dropped last week. Unfortunately for Activision-Blizzard, it didn’t bring in as much fresh air WoW players hope. In fact, the story contains what is almost universally considered a bad, shallow twist for a character that is, to say the least, troubled. This seems to be the nail in the coffin for many players, as memes and themes emerge WoW its own worst enemy.

FFXIV’s Good Matters

Here we are, with what is essentially one of the biggest, if not the biggest, migrations into any non-new game in gaming history. The closest player I can think of would be No Man’s Sky or Warframe, but neither of them come close to what happened here with Final Fantasy 14.

The first obvious sign that things are getting cramped is that, even now, it’s impossible to create a character on an exp server in North America. Or any server, for that matter – my friend’s wife had to create a character on Balmung which, in the past, was the only server I had to actively camp to join due to the massive RPG scene of it. Many people have noticed that every city in the game is filled with “sprouts” – new players have a sprout symbol on their heads.

And now, sometimes, the Square Enix online store doesn’t even let players buy games because of it there doesn’t seem to be a key to distribute. Most New the game doesn’t even achieve this, let alone the nine-year-old MMORPG.

It looks like the servers are getting an infrastructure upgrade, especially on the next expansion, Endwalker, there will be another new server area as well as Data Center Travel. However, it was in November, about four more months.

Currently, it seems Final Fantasy 14 and its players will have to stick with these good problems among others that come with a wave of new, curious players.


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