Why everyone thirsts for “Elvis” star Austin Butler

Austin Butler’s Elvis making his debut on stage is a magical, life-changing experience.

The camera fixes his crotch and wobbly legs as he sings “Hayride.” Young women in the audience lose control while men become afraid of the impact of his otherworldly presence. The room erupts in chaos as the women swarm the stage and rip his blazer off. It’s the moment everyone in the room realizes they’re holding a superstar in their hands, and it’s the moment that proves Butler has the power to evoke the same wild reaction from audiences (myself included).

In recent months, Butler has been Hollywood’s newest it-boy, from talking the Crosiette at the Cannes Film Festival in May to cheering audiences on his magnificent performance as the late King of Rock and Roll in Baz Luhrmann’s latest spectacle. elvis.

Many teenage icons have successfully gone on to become equally stellar adult careers (see: Selena Gomez, Zendaya, and Miley Cyrus). Butler’s journey was slow but steady up to Elvis. But for those who know, who have followed him all along, it feels good. It feels right.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, Luhrmann explained that the butler, who first caught our eye early in his career through his Disney era, “no longer exists” after spending the last two years in the shoes of the film rock icon. To that I say: A true Butler Stans will not forget his roots, and he certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of them.

Austin Butler is very good at it elvis. Butler delivers a performance worthy of the king, equal parts intriguing and heartbreaking as he plays Elvis at every stage of his long and complicated career. He walks away as the heart and soul of this larger than life film, disappearing into the reel leaving you wondering whether you’re watching him perform or looking at archival footage of the real Elvis.

The internet seems shocked, with a deluge of tweets and articles saying things like “whatever you’re feeling elviswho would have thought Austin Butler would be that This good.” Playing the cultural icon may have propelled him to A-list recognition. But I can trace the moment I knew he was a star back to a decade ago — and can report that you all did slept on it for too long.

If you grew up in the mid to late 2000s, you’ve surely seen Butler on one of your favorite Disney and Nickelodeon programs.

He has appeared in a variety of teen shows and films, including the high school musical spin off Sharpay’s fabulous adventure and aliens in the attic. In 2005, he had an uncredited role as Zippy Brewster for 41 episodes of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and later won fans with his role as James Garrett, the boyfriend of Jamie Lynn Spears’ title character in zoe 101.

in the Hannah Montana, a 15-year-old butler, appeared briefly as a character named Toby before returning in a later season as Derek Hanson, Miley’s blind date who hilariously ruins the night by his inability to handle horror movies. He had a streak as Hollywood’s handsome boy and also appeared in Disney’s Zeke and Luther and Wizards of Waverly Placeas well as supporting roles in life unexpected and Changed at birth.

If you were a fan of teen and tween-oriented programming, Butler was everywhere. And he was hot.

I can pinpoint the exact moment he became a certified heartthrob with a capital H for his role The Carrie DiariesThe CW’s 2013 prequel Sex and the City. A much better, if tragically short-lived, spin-off than And just like that, The Carrie Diaries follows Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb), who comes of age in the 1980s.

Butler, of course, plays Sebastian Kydd, the bad boy who becomes Carrie’s dreamy, lip-biting love interest over the course of the show’s two seasons. His charisma, showcased in all its glory in the iconic pool scene I haven’t stopped looking at for almost a decade, easily lands him in the Teen Drama Buddies Hall of Fame.

Of Carrie’s many questionable romantic partners, I can’t help but wonder if any have ever met Sebastian’s high standards. With the long overdue arrival of Butler’s breakthrough moment with elviswe can only hope and anticipate that The Carrie Diaries will be next in line to receive the rediscovered love it deserves.


With elvisThe 30-year-old actor has come full circle after playing a 2007 episode of A Boy Who Sings Terribly Badly iCarly now to portray a rock legend.

As expected, Luhrmann’s musical biopic is an exuberant, maximalist and montage-filled fever dream. Still, despite being directed by the director of Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby, elvis‘ Success has always depended on the cast, and Luhrmann made the right decision when he cast Butler in the title role, beating out the likes of Harry Styles and Miles Teller.

His status as a handsome boy perfectly sells the notion that Elvis’ leg tremors and pelvic thrusts sent women into euphoric states that led to orgasmic responses when they heard him sing. Whether you liked the film or not, there’s no denying that Butler managed to make us fully understand why Elvis was such a lovable character.

I respect the hustle and bustle of Butler’s newfound personality: since elvis When the press tour began, he donned a strong Southern accent and Elvis-esque manners that took social media by storm. His performance – which, according to a recent GQ profile, landed him in the hospital after filming due to the mental and physical strain – has established him as someone who is as excellent an actor as he has a beautiful face we can all die of thirst.

He doesn’t tend to caricaturely impersonate Elvis, but rather embodies and becomes convincing (somewhat literal) about him, flaws and all. Not to mention rocking the legendary Elvis overalls and singing every song himself.

With slicked-back fluffy hair, masterful smoldering, and doggy energy — all mixed with a touch of mystery — Butler seems painstakingly crafted in a lab just to check all the boxes of what makes the perfect internet boyfriend. He may have spent most of his career being portrayed as the charming guy that every girl falls helplessly in love with, but Butler has now proven himself to be a great performer who was rarely given the opportunity to show off his acting skills demonstrate.

Many have dubbed Butler a “revelation” and a “rising star” due to his captivating performance in elvis, but those of us who grew up watching aughts tween shows would argue otherwise. (I also can’t go without mentioning the fact that his nearly decade-long relationship with Vanessa Hudgens, another Disney star turned reigning queen of red carpet interviews, had us all — and Tumblr — ecstatic for years. )

As Butler rises through the ranks of Hollywood, I will always remember him as Carrie Bradshaw’s best (and hottest) friend and the boy who always made me blush in front of the TV whenever I turned on the Disney Channel.

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