Why didn’t they hide the only ring in the land of immortals, where Sauron could not reach it?

It is known to all Lord of the Rings fans that Elrond, the elf lord of Rivendell, calls a council that includes all the races of Middle-earth, from elves to dwarves to wizards to men, and even a few The Hobbit, who bravely wore the ring all the way to The Shire, attended. There are many magical objects in their world, including Palantiri, seven visible stones of the Numenorians, Galadriel’s mirror showing both the past and the future, and many exquisite crafts from swords that glow blue in the presence of orcs, to Frodo’s necklace around his neck. The purpose of the great meeting was to decide what to do with the One Ring of Sauron, the strongest and most evil of all.


Bilbo Baggins first possessed the ring when he defeated the creature Gollum at a puzzle game in his own adventure under the lonely mountains a few years ago. The ring was then passed on to his heir Frodo, who believed he only needed to carry it away from Rivendell, and then his part in the quest would be over. This sadly is not the case, however, and Elrond reveals in council that the ring cannot stay there, as it would very easily fall back into the hands of its evil owner. The company then decides where it goes, and the conclusion they draw is really only two options: Hide the ring forever, or take it off.

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When trying to decide which is best, a number of recommendations are made. It is thought to have been given to Tom Bombadil, who lived in the jungle, and is said to be the oldest creature in Middle-earth. He met the Hobbits during their passage through the Shire and offered them rest and sanctity at his abode, and during this time he proved that he is completely unaffected by the ring and showed no sign of being tempted, seduced by its power.


Though he seemed like the perfect protector at first, Gandalf said that the perils of the mortal world were beyond Bombadil’s care or concern. Thus, the wise old soul has the ability to carelessly lose the ring or throw it away while keeping it safe, without even knowing this can cause great and evil harm. It is also thought that the ring was thrown to the deepest bottom of the ocean, where it would be lost after all recalls.

However, this suggestion is also overturned, as there are dark and evil creatures lying in the sea who can find the ring and deliver it to the dark lord himself. And can be seen when the ring betrays Isildur, one of the the Gondorian kings on which Argonath rests, and went first to the sea, and then down the great river into the hands of Deagol the Hobbit Stoor, and then Smeagol (aka Gollum), the ring could not be trusted without having come out of the sea and into the hands of the dead. enemy.

Lord of the Rings Fans all over the world often ask why the giant eagles of Middle-earth didn’t simply fly the ring themselves to Mordor and release it into the fire. However, these beings are Maia, ancient spirits, and therefore are not inclined to interfere in men’s affairs, and even if they were, they would not place themselves close to the ring and its seductive voice, in which case they were also sucked in and twisted by its power. So the audience then turns to ask: why don’t they hide the ring in the Immortal Lands to the west, where Sauron can never reach it? The answer is partly related to the legend of the Gray Havens, and partly to Tolkien’s own beliefs.

Tolkien was raised by a Catholic priest after his mother tragically died at a young age from diabetes, and so he was very religiously conscious. Thus, the land of immortality can be understood as a sacred, paradise-like place. This partly explains why the ring can never get there, it is like launching a great crime against the sanctity of heaven, and will tarnish not only the sacred memory of the people live there, but also of the land itself. This is the second part of the answer, because in the Land of Immortals there are many things that are pure and beautiful, including Plants with healing powers, ancient and powerful spells, as well as secrets leading to immortality, such as those in creating Goblin Lembas bread. The ring was too dangerous a commodity even for the Immortal Lands.

Gwaihir saves Frodo

Elrond made the final decision, stating that ‘the ring should be destroyed: as long as it remains in the world, it will be a danger even to the wise. Because nothing is evil in the first place. ‘ This was proven to be true many times, in Gollum’s sad life, in the case of Boromir who tries to get the ring, and even in Frodo himself, who was almost completely ruined by its power, and remained afflicted by it until the end of his days, long after the ring was destroyed.

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