Why Did Weyland-Yutani Want A Live Xenomorph?

In some ways, the true villain of the Alien franchise will not be the eponymous monstrosities however is as a substitute the brazenly corrupt megacorporation Weyland-Yutani. A number of movies within the collection reveal the need of the corporate to in some way purchase a reside Xenomorph, often at the price of a number of lives, however what had been they planning on doing with it after they caught it?

Weyland-Yutani, usually obliquely known as The Firm, was launched in Alien, although by no means addressed out loud and saved to sparse mentions on laptop screens and beer cans. Since then, The Firm has extended its influence across media, showing in works from Predator, to Angel, to Firefly.

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Weyland-Yutani is a world conglomerate cast in 2099 by way of a harsh company merger. The Firm is massively highly effective, with affect in basically all elements of area journey, army, science, know-how, engineering, business, and way more. Nearly each weapon seen in the Alien series was developed by The Firm. Weyland-Yutani additionally developed top-of-the-line artificial humanoids, often known as androids, which replicate human habits and tackle duties with superhuman skills. Exercising nice imperial power, The Firm routinely colonizes and takes over planets far exterior the photo voltaic system. The Firm has gone out of its technique to display ruthlessness, full lack of decency, and whole dedication to revenue.

Weyland-Yutani’s want to seize a Xenomorph was first explored within the unique Alien. The crew of the Nostromo is awoken unexpectedly to research a misery sign and encounter the long-lasting Facehugger. From there, the ship’s crew is picked off one after the other by the lethal alien earlier than the reality is revealed. The film’s hero, Ellen Ripley, uncovers the orders given by The Firm to soundly transport the Xenomorph for later utilization. That is finished at the price of the crew’s lives, a consequence that The Firm was nicely conscious of, however fully disinterested in. The Firm may be very sparsely current within the first movie, however their existence is extra central to the sequel.

Aliens places an excessive amount of give attention to the corporate malfeasance of Weyland-Yutani. Aliens introduces slimy monster Carter J. Burke, who makes an attempt to smother the Xenomorph again to a Company laboratory within the physique of Ripley and just a little lady. On this movie, one other mass of harmless staff is fodder for the Xenomorph horde, all on the behest of The Firm. The movie’s army drive, the Colonial Marines, is basically helpless in opposition to the alien menace. All of this slaughter in order that the house owners can get their arms on an uncontrollable area nightmare.

The complete decimation of the Colonial Marines, the unimaginable charge at which Xenomorph hordes repopulate, and the sheer damaging energy they wield make their main use clear. Weyland-Yutani had a transparent intention to mass-produce the Xenomorph to be used as a bioweapon. The Firm has a wealthy historical past of weapon manufacturing, from firearms to flamethrowers. A species of dwelling weaponry, able to outbreeding any effort to defeat them and capable of cleanly exterminate complete populations in brief order could be an unbeatable asset to an unethical goliath like Weyland-Yutani.

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The Xenomorph’s purpose as a bioweapon is little doubt central to The Firm’s want to seize one alive, nevertheless it’s probably not the one purpose. Weyland-Yutani has a considerable hand in scientific endeavors, capturing the species alive would permit for quite a lot of experiments and developments. Elements of the Xenomorph could possibly be retrofitted into additional breakthroughs. In the true world, many early weapons had been crafted utilizing shark tooth or stingray tails. For a extra fashionable instance, silk produced by genetically engineered spiders and silkworms is commonly used to provide physique armor. A Xenomorph would probably have quite a few purposes within the crafting of army and civilian merchandise.

The origin of the Xenomorph is a questionable facet of the narrative. It’s implied by Prometheus that the Xenomorph is already a organic weapon created by the android David, however different items of lore point out that they evolved on their home planet. If David did create the Xenomorph, then in a roundabout manner, Weyland-Yutani is answerable for their existence, as David is The Firm’s property. This questionable facet of the Alien franchise canon is sort of the closest to an affordable justification for Weyland-Yutani’s quest to amass a Xenomorph.

Fans very rarely hear an actual justification from any consultant of The Firm. Weyland-Yutani is sort of at all times portrayed as a faceless conglomerate or represented by amoral drones incapable of ethical reasoning. One of many few examples of a Firm chief talking out comes from an unlikely supply, Insurrection’s 2010 online game Aliens vs. Predator. Karl Bishop Weyland, the sport’s antagonist, sums up Weyland-Yutani’s objectives by claiming it’s their responsibility to forge Xenomorph weaponry for the next goal. Weyland claims it is not about revenue, however about making certain humanity’s place because the dominant species within the universe is unchallenged. That is an outlier within the franchise, however galactic human supremacy is a deeply fascinating purpose regardless of the unforgivable strategies.

Briefly, the standard motivation for Weyland-Yutani’s want to seize a reside Xenomorph revolves round their usefulness as a weapon. Although their motivation is sort of at all times questionable, The Firm does function a few extra philosophical figures of their company murderers row.

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