Why did the series switch from Hamon

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure known for a lot of things in the anime community. Over the years it has introduced several new characters, themes, but arguably the most unique JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure True to its name is the great power that the series introduced.

Unlike most anime series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure There is not just one kind of power. Hirohiko Araki started with Hamon/Ripple as he wrote ghost Blood, and it proved to be a useful plot device in the beginning. In many ways, it resembles other modern-day anime powers. However, the focus has changed in later installments to Stands. So the big question is why did Araki stop using Ripple?


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Joseph uses Ripple

Ripple is the power that Araki introduced in the first part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It requires the user to control their breathing in a certain way, which then leads to the production of energy within an individual’s body and this energy resembles the energy of the Sun’s rays.

Ripple allows users to heal any wound and fight against undead creatures, that’s why it’s used a lot against creatures like zombies, vampires, and Aliens. pillar.

Joseph uses Ripple to attack

Ripple is mainly used in ghost Blood and The fight Trend. The important reason behind it is villains in both parts are vampires and Pillars, and since Ripple is very effective against them it is the best choice.

In ghost Blood, Dio Brando used a stone mask that turned him into a vampire, granting him immense physical strength and making it very easy for him to fight against normal humans. Dio also became the leader of the other undead creatures. So Jonathan needed something special to defeat Dio. When Jonathan meet Will Zeppeli, later taught him how to use Ripple. When Jonathan managed to master Ripple, he was able to take down Dio’s goons, and in the end, he stopped Dio’s progress.

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In part 2, Joseph Joestar was faced with the challenge of fighting against the Pillar Men. Pillar Men are extremely powerful and they are very knowledgeable about all kinds of fighting styles. Joseph learned how to use Ripple from Lisa Lisa and her helpers. Using the power of Ripple, Joseph was able to defeat Esidisi and Wamuu. However, to defeat Kars, who had become a perfect human, Joseph needed to use his wits. With the conclusion of Season 2, the concept of Ripple has dwindled. It was used to a very limited extent, but it was replaced by something much better— The Stand.

Jonathan and Will Zeppeli use Ripple

Brackets were introduced in Part 3 of the series. They were introduced very early on, which gives fans a heads up that things might change in the series. Stands are based on an individual’s vital energies, and in some cases they also require a great deal of mental strength. Unlike Ripple, Stands offer their users a lot of different possibilities.

Each Standing has a unique and powerful ability, which if used properly can make them difficult to defeat in a fight. Aside from the various abilities that Brackets grant to their users, they are not visible to non-Brackets. Turrets come in many varieties, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Most Turrets work best at close range, however, there are others that can be controlled remotely. This gives the user the advantage of keeping them safe while the Stand fights an opponent. There are also other types of Brackets, automatic and uncontrollable while others change the user over time. Compared to Ripple, Stands offers a better variety and, in a sense, better combat.

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Does Zeppeli use Ripple

Araki’s decision to change from Ripple to Stands has many advantages. One of the many advantages it gives him is that he can freely experiment with the story of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In the first two seasons, the villains are the undead, but he can’t continue using Ripple for the rest because it has limitations. Ripple cannot break strong objects like steel or iron and it cannot cause serious harm to living things. Holding Ripple means Araki will have to keep using undead characters.

The use of Stands allows him to use humans much more effectively. With each Stand being different, it really makes a character more memorable. Furthermore, it allows Araki to experiment more with his stories, leading to some of the best narratives of the series. The battles in the story become much more engaging as the characters try to find a way to counter the Stand’s abilities. In the case of Ripple, once a user’s breathing is disrupted, they will no longer be able to use it. The battles are a bit more physical, but that’s not nearly enough for Ripple to keep its place on the chain. So overall, Araki’s decision to move from Ripple to Stands is a great one.

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