Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo for the Hobbit Quest, despite Thorin being so against it?

The Hobbit the movies provide many examples of the famous saying, “you can learn all there is to know about hobbits in one day, but after a year they can still surprise you.” There were many times when Thorin, the company’s head of the quest to reclaim Erebor, doubted Bilbo and believed he should never have been chosen to go on a mission with them. So why did Gandalf choose this particular Hobbit, despite Oakenshield’s disapproval?

There are 3 very important reasons. The first concerns Bilbo’s lineage. He is a strange mix of Hobbit, combining the stoic and steadfast Baggins genes with the adventurous and mischievous Tooks. In the film it is explained that Gandalf knew Belladonna Took, Bilbo’s mother, and therefore knew Bilbo himself as a boy.


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Bilbo is brave and wild fun, unafraid to be himself even when others consider him odd, and loves tricks and games. He is very good at quizzes, even then, and this became the key quality Gandalf looked for in him later when he appointed him as the Thief. He knew that the Hobbits, who were neither strong nor tall, nor combat and experienced, would have a hard time fighting their way out of conflict, but he knew that Bilbo had a knack for speech, and would have can speak in his own words and mediate between friend and foe. Mr. Baggings is highly intelligent, and this trait has saved his and others’ lives on many occasions, such as using crates to escape from the goblin prison at Mirkwood, and distracting those about to eat meat them long enough. the sun rises and turns them to stone.

Puzzle in the dark 2

The second reason why Gandalf chose Bilbo, was because he had no family left. Bilbo, like his adopted heir Frodo, never found love, get married, or have children. This is very unusual among the Hobbit, making him uniquely qualified to be able to set off on a midnight adventure without being missed and yearned by anyone he left behind. thirsty. Gandalf would never let any harm be done to his hobbit friend, but nonetheless his quest to regain the dwarves’ house was under his command. very dangerous mountains. Therefore, it is important that Bilbo does not leave his loved ones to grieve.

During his journey, Gandalf found a fairy sword, glows when the goblin is near, and issue a warning that an enemy is approaching. Even so, there are some near-misses to Bilbo’s life, including when all the dwarves get stuck in a tree at the edge of a cliff, and have to use Gandalf’s fire magic to escape, and when Bilbo was nearly eaten by the ferocious Gollum in the caves beneath the goblin tunnel.

The third reason is because Thorin lacks faith in the “small hybrid” to be able to take on the task he is asked to do. Thorin, and indeed the other dwarves all underestimated Bilbo every step of the way. And follow Unfinished stories, Gandalf chose Bilbo because he knew his enemies would do the same. By this time in Middle-earth, the Hobbits had ceased to know most of the other races of peoples. They have been left to their own devices, and forgotten in the larger affairs of men, dwarves, and elves.

This is why The Ants in the Forest of Fangorn at first suspicious of Merry and Pippin, believing them to be Orc swindlers, and why Rohan’s Eomer doesn’t know what they are either. when he met Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in the plains, who explain ‘they won’t be childish to your eyes.’ Later, when Bilbo confronts Smaug, the great dragon that has stolen the treasure beneath the mountains, the dragon has no idea what creature he is, and is therefore curious to learn about him, instead. kill him. on sight. This gives Bilbo the precious time he needs to find Arkenstone and escape.

Thorin hugs Bilbo

In Peter Jackson’s film adaptation, Galadriel asks Gandalf at their meeting “why Halfling?” which he explains that the little things in life make the most of the difference, “simple acts of kindness and love” and Bilbo gives him courage. Throughout the journey, Bilbo proves himself again and again, presenting himself as loyal and genuine as anyone in the company, and Thorin even admits that there can be no good choice. more, when he said, “I’m not saying you’re going to be a burden? I’ve never been so wrong in my life.”

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