Why Destiny 2 developer Bungie is silent about Lightfall

destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted addressed interesting narrative points for the franchise, addressing Calus and his relationship with The Witness while also allowing other characters to heal from their scars. This trend has continued since the beginning of Year 4 and the Beyond Light expansion, where destiny 2‘s stories began to explore larger underlying themes and delve deeper into narrative arcs that had previously only been hinted at. With The Witch Queen, Bungie also put a face to the series’ next big villain, introducing The Witness and raising more questions than it really answered.


As such, destiny 2 Fans are excited to see where the game goes next, especially after all the secrecy surrounding Season of the Haunted. What is currently known is that the upcoming expansions Lightfall and The Final Shape will eventually conclude the Light and Darkness saga of determination as a whole, leaving room for many questions about what’s next. But while Lightfall is only seven months away, Bungie has been very quiet about what the new expansion entails and hasn’t shared any information about its content on Bungie Day. There’s a probable reason for this, and it begins with the Season of the Risen.

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Why Destiny 2’s Lightfall shouldn’t be revealed

Risen Season was the companion season to the launch of The Witch Queen and was praised for being relatively condensed into six weekly updates. Season of Risen addressed issues of the Hive Lightbearers and Savathun’s endgame after their deaths, and addressed the morally gray areas in which destiny 2 Characters often find themselves in it. Hive Lightbearers might be a reference to Lightfall and The Final Shape in a way, as they are the first enemies in the game to actually have a spirit and be able to come back to life.

There’s a chance there’s more to this precedent-setting new mechanic than meets the eye destiny 2 and could be linked to events in the upcoming expansions. In fact, one of the most recent recurring narrative points in destiny 2 was the so-called Dark Future – a timeline in which the Guardians lose their battle against the Darkness and are overwhelmed by it, seduced by its promises. Lightfall and The Final Shape could have players fight Guardians succumbed to Darkness and embody the conflict of Light versus Dark in which one must destroy the other.

The Dark Future is a big part of Season of the Risen and The Witch Queen through the Vox Obscura mission, set on Mars and following players dismantling one of Calus’ operations while also collecting data on the transmissions Psions are sending . Among these transmissions is one in which Caiatl, daughter of Calus and Empress of the Cabal, sees images of a city under siege, the resurrection of Eramis the ship thief, the return of Leviathan, and the Darkness-infected Traveler. These are images from a future that could be and one that appears to be happening as the Leviathan has already returned in Season of the Haunted.

With that in mind, it becomes more fitting for Bungie not to talk about Lightfall just yet, considering there are still two full seasons of content to unfold before its release. Discussing the content of Lightfall now would undermine Bungie’s work destiny 2 over the past few years by setting premature expectations for what is to come in the coming seasons. Ultimately, there’s no good time to release more information about Lightfall without possibly revealing new plot points, so Bungie’s silence is understandable.

destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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