Why Chrono Trigger fans should pay attention to Sea of ​​Stars

Chrono Activator considered by many to be one of the best JRPGs of all time and is also often ranked among the greatest games of all time. Originally released in 1995 for the SNES, this global and time-spanning RPG tells a uniquely diverse story with a diverse cast of characters, and helps push the genre average forward. in some formal way. Modern JRPGs have a lot to thank Chrono Trigger, as it helped pave the way for the most modern examples of JRPGs today. Now, 27 years after the RPG developed by Square, Sea of ​​stars is an outstanding example of a new RPG inspired by the classic JRPG.


Many people flocked to Cris Tales because it respects Chrono Activator, and while Cris Tales As an analog time-jumping RPG of its own, the game also introduces its unique mechanics, leaning even further into aspects of time travel. Now, it seems, Sea of ​​stars could receive the same treatment as the increased excitement for the upcoming title. Sea of ​​stars wear it Chrono Activator inspiration on its sleeves to some extent, and even some Chrono Activator veteran working on the game, but the game also emphasizes its own style. Sea of ​​stars draws from many influences, but any fan of Chrono Activator can easily find much to love in what has been shown Sea of ​​stars hitherto.

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Sea of ​​Stars: Nostalgic RPG From The Messenger Developer


Sea of ​​stars has a compelling plot like a prequel to Messenger, a widely popular indie platform made by the same developer, Sabotage Studio. The two games could not be more different, despite being linked by the same developer: Messenger is an action platform back to the first game in the genre like Gaiden ninja, while Sea of ​​stars celebrates old style JRPGs like Chrono Activator. Sea of ​​stars realize the nostalgic aspect of its design, try to modernize any Chrono Activator-Aspects like the JRPG of Sabotage, while also introducing its own characters, world, mechanics, and story, unique to Sabotage’s universe.

That promise is exactly what catapulted the game’s Kickstarter to stardom, just hours after the game’s campaign went live on the crowdfunding site. Sabotage Studio’s Kickstarter had amassed over $1 million in funding from 25,589 backers by the time the campaign ended, consolidating the success of all expansion goals and total funding. This clearly caught the eye of the famous video game composer Yasunori Mitsuda, composer for Chrono Activator, who contacted Sabotage Studio to assist with staging the game’s soundtrack. Since then, the popularity of the game has reached a fever pitch among Chrono Activator fans, as well as JRPG fans in general.

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Chrono Trigger Sea of ​​Stars Effect and Its Power


On a more granular level, much of the DNA of Chrono Activator seems to be emphasized in many aspects of Sea of ​​stars‘ design. For one thing, turn-based combat is more obvious than side-by-side with Chrono Activator from a game perspective. At a surface level, the combat similarities are uncanny: Field combat, no random encounters, and various attacks classified as “skills”. However, there are some new wrinkles in Sea of ​​stars‘ gameplay taken from various sources. There are rhythmic combat attacks that increase attack power and minimize losses a la Legend of Dragoon, and a spell “lock” system that the player can break to gain an advantage.

The world, the characters, and the story within it is a distinctly different world examples of JRPG influence such as Chrono Activator on Sabotage’s JRPG. In particular, the world map perspective and the design of the game’s landmarks are very reminiscent of Chrono Activator. Villages dot the landscape among other mythical structures and landmarks, as well as various ways to get around the world such as by air or by sea. Different islands are divided into different biomes and landscapes like Chrono Activatorof the layout as well.

In addition, the various characters and their respective stories seem to similar to JRPGs like Chrono Activator, at least according to the description. Only some of the early access and preview games feature character interactions from Sea of ​​stars so far, but the variety of interactions seems familiar. Some serious emotional moments are interspersed with moments of lightheartedness and friendship, along with “the unexpected twists and turns you’d expect from a Sabotage product.”

Obviously at the end of the day, even if Chrono ActivatorThe effect of may be less subtle, Sea of ​​stars is its own JRPG with a story to tell. Fleshing to the world Messenger takes place by going back in time is an interesting premise. The setting of the prequel in a classic JRPG framework would make sense as a conduit to explore the game’s world and lore in depth without seeming out of place. Plus, with all the exciting innovations based on classic JRPG influences, Sea of ​​stars certainly looks like a nostalgia ride that doesn’t skimp on modernization efforts, which could be the perfect balance if done correctly.

Even if Sea of ​​stars proudly draws from its inspiration, the nuance and complexity the game is adding to the mechanics and story is what sets it apart from comparable nostalgic adjacent JRPGs. Especially with Mitsuda on board, any fan looking for that Chrono Activator itching in the new JRPG should definitely check Sea of ​​stars when it releases next year.

Sea of ​​stars released on Holidays 2022, for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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