Why Boa Hancock could be the strongest Shichibukai

Boa Hancock is the ruler of Amazon Lily and the captain of the dangerous Kuja pirates. She is a very complex character who can prove to be a real handful at times. Boa Hancock doesn’t trust anyone but her sisters, and the reason for that is pretty grim. As a child, Boa and her sisters were kidnapped and sold to the Celestial Dragons. The heavenly dragons force-fed them devil fruits and used them for entertainment. The sisters had no hope until Fisher Tiger freed them along with the other slaves from Marijoa.


After returning to Amazon Lily, the three sisters became much stronger, eventually becoming the strongest members of the Kuja Pirates. On their very first voyage, the Kuja Pirates impressed the World Government and their captain, Boa Hancock, was offered the opportunity to join the Shichibukai, which she accepted as it would allow her to protect her island from interference. Although Boa is a Shichibukai, Boa’s appearances in the series have been very limited, making it difficult to properly assess her strength, but after the last few One piece Chapters made it a bit easier to gauge where she stands in terms of strength.

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Haki expert

Boa Hancock is the current empress of the Kuja, a tribe known for their powerful haki. With their powerful haki, the tribe managed to fend off all threats. It’s important to remember that since they live on an island in the Calm Belt, they encounter the Sea Kings, but they have never been claimed to have caused any trouble for the Kuja. The islanders have no idea what a devil fruit is, so they only focus on buffing their haki. Since all women in Amazon Lily have Haki, those who are part of the Kuja Pirates are bound to have superior Haki.

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Boa Marigold, one of Hancock’s deputies, is capable of using Advanced Busoshoku Haki, and she displayed this ability in her fight against Monkey D. Luffy, where she sent out Haki to deflect Luffy’s attacks. Given that Boa Hancock is the strongest member of the Kuja Pirates, it’s highly likely that she could be able to use the advanced forms of at least two types of Haki. That alone makes her stronger than most characters in the series. Although Hancock has not openly shown using Advanced Haki, there is no doubt that this will change in the future.

An overpowered devil fruit

Boa Hancock owns the Mero Mero no Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit. The Devil Fruit works with the feeling of lust that Hancock’s opponents bring towards her. Due to Hancock’s immense beauty, it is nearly impossible for her opponents to remain unaffected by the attacks. In certain cases, her Devil Fruit has even affected inanimate objects, implying that there is more to Hancock’s Devil Fruit than meets the eye.

In the last few One piece It was revealed in chapters that Blackbeard had made his way to Amazon Lily to steal Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit. It’s quite obvious that Blackbeard doesn’t avoid each other unless there’s a special situation. However, Blackbeard didn’t reveal why he wanted her devil fruit, but it’s definitely suspicious.

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Boa Hancock can turn entire armies to stone with her Devil Fruit, and the only counters against this Devil Fruit seen so far have been distracting herself with pain or not having impure thoughts about Boa Hancock at all. Using the first method can prove fatal in combat as it would weaken one’s personality, and the second method is something that cannot be learned. So right now, Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit doesn’t have a direct counter.

The strongest Shichibukai?

For a long time, many fans believed that a character’s bounty indicated their strength, and since Boa Hancock had a bounty of just 80 million berries, it was overlooked in power scaling debates. However, Oda has dismissed this notion several times, an example being the same bounties for the three worst generation captains. Oda clearly showed how superior Luffy Law and Kid are, but all three have the same bounty of 3 billion berries. So does that mean they are equal in terms of power? Definitely not. Luffy managed to defeat Kaido alone and he can use advanced forms of all three types of Haki while Kid and Law had to team up to defeat Big Mom. So Boa Hancock’s small bounty proved nothing other than the fact that it didn’t take long for the world government to acknowledge that it could pose a major threat to them.

Boa Hancock’s new bounty is 1,659,000,000 berries, which is a big jump from her original bounty. What is surprising is the fact that unlike the other Shichibukai, Boa was not involved in any major events. If she was part of the Cross Guild like Mihawk and Crocodile, then her bounty would easily have been over 2 billion berries. Her strength has been recognized by the likes of Blackbeard, Sengoku, Aokiji, Koby, etc., showing that she shouldn’t be underestimated. The only Shichibukai whose power rivals Hancock’s is Dracule Mihawk. As One piece Entering the final saga, Oda will definitely give Boa Hancock her moment to shine where she can show her true power.

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