Why are Skyward Sword HD’s prison matches so annoying

While Skyward Sword HD boasts many improvements over the original Wii version of the game, the battles in Imprisoned are still very frustrating.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD had a great release and received rave reviews all over the world. However, although there have been some improvements in quality of life since the original Skyward Sword launched on the Wii ten years ago, there are still some issues that affect the overall improvement of the game. This includes captive combat, which is an annoyance in an otherwise compelling story.

Legend of the heavenly sword zelda, both HD and original, serving as the first standard title in Zelda series. It is through play Skyward Sword where the player learns all about the origins of Hyrule, and the beginnings of Link, Zelda, and Ganon’s reincarnation across time. It is a pivotal point in all The Legend of Zeldarich and varied history.

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From Skyward Sword really starting from the stories of Zelda and Link, the game is an instant must-play for the fans The Legend of Zelda. The chance to uncover more lore from this beloved series is a huge draw, but it comes with a pretty big caveat: throughout. Skyward SwordThe player’s story is frequently interrupted by The Imprisoned, which interrupts the flow of the story.

Zelda: Skyward Sword HD The captive war should have changed nên

Skyward Sword HD Link Fights The Imprisoned

Detainees boss fight in Skyward Sword HD rather dull in general; the player must topple their enemy multiple times and then seal it in the Enclosed Area. This is done by injuring The Imprisoned’s leg, eventually causing it to fall to the ground and reveal the tip of the seal for Link to attack. But the problem is, when the player has done it once, they then have to do it again many times later in the story, with battles barely changing between each impression. Each time the player has to fight the Detainee in Skyward Sword HD, it’s more like an interruption to the story, rather than something that actually helps the story progress. They are repetitive and messy and don’t add any flavor to the game’s lasting experience.

It’s not just prison wars Legend of the heavenly sword zelda This repetitive interruption to the overall story of the game. So is the Realm of Silence. The player is required to complete the test from Goddess Hylia in each area of ​​the game, and they almost feel like a nasty job in an otherwise fun area. Combining the Realm of Silence with the repetition of prison battles makes things all the more frustrating.

There’s no denying that Nintendo has definitely improved Legend of the heavenly sword zelda in the past ten years. However, these forced and monotonous parts scattered throughout the game would benefit from becoming less frequent or more engaging. Sadly, this was not the last thing that happened.

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