Why Are Fans Unhappy With Stone Ocean Anime Adaptation?

JoJo’s bizarre adventure has been around for quite some time and over the years the fan base has only grown. One thing that attracts many fans is the anime adaptation of Araki’s works. So far all the parts that have been customized have been incredible and they haven’t given fans much to complain about. To golden wind finished airing, fans couldn’t wait to see it Rocky Ocean be animated.

The wait for an official announcement has been long and painful, but finally this has been announced Rocky Ocean would be released on Netflix. There was a lot of excitement when it was originally announced, but after recent comments about the anime, things took a turn for the worse. Whenever a new anime adaptation for the series is announced, there is always a lot of excitement, but what does it matter Rocky Ocean different from the previous installments in the series?


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The long breaks

JoJo’s bizarre adventure used to air weekly and fans were extremely happy with that schedule. They didn’t mind waiting a week to see their favorite characters. When that was announced Netflix would drop the first twelve episodes of Rocky Ocean At the same time, the fans were very happy with it. The quality of the animation couldn’t be faulted and credit goes to David Production. The studio has given Araki’s manga an extremely high-quality adaptation. So what’s the problem?

The first twelve episodes of Rocky Ocean were released worldwide on December 1, 2021. Since then there have been no new episodes until Netflix revealed that the next installment of Rocky Ocean Episodes will appear sometime in fall 2022. After a while, it was confirmed that the next episode of Episodes will be released on September 1st, 2022.

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One thing to keep in mind is that they will only be releasing episodes 13-24 in the fall, and given that the last few parts were around 40 episodes, it’s annoying to only have a handful for so long to wait for episodes. Netflix plans to keep the audience waiting for the final episode, which is a very bad idea. It is very likely that there will be another series of episodes and it will be the last. There have been no updates as to the final batch’s release date, but it may release sometime in 2023.

The long breaks between the individual episodes are very annoying and completely mess up the rhythm. Compared to the older structure, the new format is very buggy. One of the biggest problems viewers would have would be the inability to remember exactly what happened in the first twelve episodes. So a person would have to re-watch the older episodes to get a better understanding of what is happening. Many people would rather wait for the release of the third and final episodes before watching the first two parts as they are fed up with waiting.

Rocky Ocean Anime has changed a lot of content, which is not a good thing. Fans who have read the manga will easily see the difference between anime and manga. The skipped details could possibly affect the quality of the series. The neglected dialogues might complicate the story as viewers might not understand the behavior of certain characters.

There were other changes as well, including the fight between Jolyne and Miraschon. In the manga, Jolyne used her raw power to take out her opponent, but in the anime this was changed to Jolyne outwitting Miraschon. Viewers are divided on the anime deciding how the fights are won or lost, but there hasn’t been a massive backlash. So it will be interesting to see how they handle the next few episodes.

hope for better treatment

JoJo Fans will hope so Netflix stop releasing the anime in batches and even if they release it in batches the release dates shouldn’t be that far apart. Netflix began airing the Jolyne Cujoh story last year, and fans have had to wait more than six months to see how the story unfolds. Now that the next batch is coming out soon, one would hope that the last batch of episodes would come out in the same year.

Overall it was a bad idea Netflix Part to divide the story into stacks Rocky Ocean was already one of the most revered because of its ending and the treatment of a controversial part JoJo Characters. With this idea Netflix has only caused problems for itself unless they decide to change/add some content at the end, which might reassure pure anime fans. The pure manga fans will have to reserve their judgment until they see what Netflix does with the end of the anime.

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