Why Apex Legends players dislike the Charge Rifle

away Apex LegendsIn its fourteenth season, Hunted, there are 28 weapons in the game, divided into seven classes, each handled in a specific way. For example, Assault Rifles are good all-rounders, offering consistent damage and a good rate of fire at any range. In contrast, submachine guns, while not as versatile as assault rifles, offer the fastest rates of fire of any weapon class.

Any gun in it Apex Legends has its part to play in the weapon meta. While some weapons stand out from the rest and others don’t, all weapons get their fair share of praise and scorn. The Mozambique shotgun is known for its lackluster damage and rate of fire, while the R-301 Carbine is a good all-around assault rifle that newcomers and veterans alike will appreciate. However, the award is unpopular for most Apex Legends Weapon undoubtedly goes to the Charge Rifle.


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Hitscan Heaven

Introduced in Apex LegendsSeason 3, Meltdown, the Charge Rifle is an energized sniper rifle that fires a long-range straight laser. The firing mechanism of the weapon consists of two parts. The first part consists of an initial build where the laser deals 15 ticks of damage continuously, with each tick doing 3 damage. Once the laser is charged, the final explosion deals a full 45 damage to the target. While 45 damage doesn’t seem like much for a sniper rifle, the point of the Charge Rifle is to keep its laser on target as much as possible for maximum damage.

what sets Apex Legends‘ Charge Rifle differs from other sniper rifles because of its hitscan nature. The Charge Rifle is the only hitscan weapon in apex legends, which means it hits what it’s aiming for instantly. Unlike the game’s other weapons, players don’t have to consider bullet drop or distance, making it extremely easy to target and damage enemies from any distance.

An unfair advantage from afar

The nature of the Charged Rifle as a hitscan weapon is precisely why it is disliked by the majority of players Apex Legends player base. Players who must peer out of cover to fight a Charge Rifle are almost immediately greeted by a laser beam, damaging their shields and health. Because the Charge Rifle is so easy to shoot, players who use the weapon will most likely deal more damage to opponents with other weapons that are more difficult to use optimally. Even attempting to dodge a Charge Rifle can result in players taking a lot of damage, as wielders just need to keep their crosshairs over fleeing players. The Charged Rifle can also easily shred an enemy squad’s supplies and charge the wearer’s Evo Shield on the fly.

There have been attempts to keep the loading rifle’s power in check. Respawn Entertainment has already reduced the distance at which weapons’ damage decreases, as well as reduced the Charge Rifle’s rate of fire and magazine size. To make it even harder for Charge Rifle users, the amount of ammo required to fire the weapon per shot has been increased. Despite these changes, the Charge Rifle remains the undisputed king when it comes to crafting Apex Legends difficult for other players at a distance.

Fortunately, the fast pace of Apex Legends‘Gameplay means that sniper rifles (including the charge rifle) aren’t used as often as the other weapon classes when it comes to regular trios, duos, or low tier modes. But when players make it to higher tier games, Apex Legends It’s less about running from fight to fight and more about claiming a place in the ring. This leads to more long-range engagements where the Charge Rifle starts rearing its oppressive head. Long-distance players should be wary of the Charge Rifle, as it looks like nothing beats it when it comes to choking an enemy from afar.

Apex Legends is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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