Whom I Want to Become: a man-nature profession for you

You can work with the natural world in many different ways: exploring new organisms, controlling your environment, designing your home turf, and even herding deer. All human-nature professions are exciting and important. Choosing a major depends only on your interests and preferences.

Biology majors

Biology includes a host of narrower sciences: virology, microbiology, zoology, botany, and others. You can observe birds in their habitat, or you can do experiments on agricultural plant genes. Medical and pharmaceutical research is impossible without biologists. Your major will depend upon the nature-based professions your college has to offer: many positions require a subspecialty knowledge of a particular discipline. The most common types of university majors are called bioengineering or biotechnology.

Professions of the group “man-nature” related to geography and ecology

Speaking of scientific specialties, it is impossible not to mention such disciplines as geography and ecology.


Engaged in checking and inspecting the state of wildlife. In addition to fixing parameters, a competent ecologist must develop a plan to restore indicators to a normal state. Ecologists are not only engaged in scientific activities – they are needed at enterprises to optimize environmentally friendly production.


Studies the state of the soil, rocks, minerals. One can be engaged in science (for example, studying minerals in remote caves of the globe) or work in oil and gas fields. This is not the most easy subject so a lot of students use lab report writer to help them with their homework. Specialties for higher education are geology and oil and gas engineering.


Engaged in the study of inanimate nature, climate and topography. Geographers can read and independently make maps of the area. Work is mostly related to conservation and the study of seldom-visited places. Check geography help to see more. 

Working with plants and animals

More practical, rather than theoretical, representatives of the list of human-nature type professions are professions such as agronomist, horticulturist, forester, and the like.


A specialist who is engaged in the cultivation of crops. He must understand the properties of the soil, climate, plant varieties, and fertilizers. The salary is relatively low, but the knowledge you acquire can be useful not only at work but also on your farm.


In essence, engaged in the same, but with an important difference. The main characteristic of this profession on the theme “man-living nature” – entrepreneurship and business. To be productive, you need to understand animal husbandry, crop production, soil science, and the basics of entrepreneurship. And income will depend only on the amount of work and success in running a business.


Works with ornamental plants: grows flowers, shapes the crown of trees, designs hedges, gets rid of weeds, and takes care of the plot. You can learn how to handle flowers in biology, plant science, landscape design, agronomy, and horticulture. Salaries vary greatly, but on average – 30,000 rubles.

Landscape designer

Not only versed in ornamental plants but also has an excellent artistic taste and knowledge of architecture. Designers are hired to develop a site plan, taking into account the existing buildings and communications. Salary depends on the city, the client, and the amount of work, but on average – the same 30 000 rubles.


Protects the forest from illegal logging and poaching, and is engaged in the organization of the economy. He plans the planting of new seedlings, the creation of a new forest belt, and the cleaning of the territory.

Unusual professions for working in nature

If you just love the outdoors but are not ready to be engaged in the cultivation of flowers or the study of rodents, there are other interesting opportunities. Not all outdoor jobs involve scientific research. Here are some 21st-century occupations that are of the human-nature type, but don’t require a scientific background and direct work with the outdoors.

Captain of a ship

In ship captaining, you can train for nature’s most romantic profession. You’ll get to know different countries, wrestle with the elements and encounter all the diversity of plant and animal life.


Can study the underwater world, conduct underwater excursions, work in forensics, teach tourists how to dive, clean port bottoms, and rescue people. Successful underwater work will require passing exams and getting the proper clearances, especially for working with people.  


We are talking about instructors of almost any sport: mountaineering, Nordic walking, swimming, rollerblading and cycling, even soccer or golf. All training and activities will take place only outdoors, and in the case of mountaineering – also in very picturesque places. Salaries, as you understand, vary as much as possible.


There’s a lot of competition among them right now, but wildlife and landscape photographers are still very much in demand. You can not only travel around the globe and get acquainted with wildlife but also become famous for their work and be published in the best popular science magazines.

Of course, the list of human-nature professions does not end with these options. You can train horses, create rock gardens, herd reindeer and drive dog sleds, study micro-life at the bottom of the ocean, assess terrain in construction, and observe the nature of the Far North on expeditions. For many majors, college or training courses will be a good place to start. For a narrower specialty will have to go to university and constantly improve their skills. And if suddenly you get bored with outdoor work, you can always start teaching in educational centers, colleges, or schools.

Huynh Nguyen

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