Who Will Be The Main Villain?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released back in 2018 to standing ovation from fans and critics, even winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. And after three long years, its sequel is finally titled – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One).

The announcement comes alongside a teaser trailer for the upcoming film, which is set to release on October 7, 2022. But even though the film is less than a year away, little is known about it. its story or the characters that will be involved – In particular, no villains have been revealed for the sequel, although a two-part epic is sure to have plenty of major baddies. These are just a few Spider-Man games may appear as the central villain in Through Spider-Verse.


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While Into the Spider-Verse introduces its own Doc Ock in the form of Olivia Octavius ​​by Kathryn Hahn, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Doctor Octopus won’t be the main antagonist of Through Spider-Verse. A new Doc Ock from another universe may appear – likely a male, presenting himself Otto Octavius ​​as a contrast to Olivia. In addition, Liv may return, becoming a bad character after making an impact on the audience last time. Perhaps the multi-way collaboration between the Doc Ocks could even be in the cards. When traveling to the multiverse, anything is possible.


Although supposedly Spider-Man’s most iconic enemy, the Green Goblin has been reduced to a minor role in Into the Spider-Verse, appearing only in the first battle at the Kingpin particle accelerator. A brief shot of Norman’s lifeless body is shown after the accelerator explodes, and he is never mentioned again. After giving such a small role to such a major villain, it is very possible that a new Green Goblin could appear in the sequel, this time as the main antagonist. We might even see Goblin 2099 from Miguel O’Hara’s world, or even a Hobgoblin for further distinction. Spider-Verse from live-action movies.


Of course, the film could also introduce a new villain in a big bad role – someone who must not appear in any way in the movie. Into the Spider-Verse. And what better candidate than the biggest Spider-Man impersonator to be absent from the final film? Venom can travel the multiverse hunt down Spider-Man, or even infect them with Symbiotes. An army of multiverse Venoms is certainly a big enough threat to make a two-part movie.


Because it looks like Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man of 2099, will play an important role in Through Spider-Verse, it is possible that one of his enemies will be cast as the main villain. The main antagonist of the original Spider-Man 2099 comic book is Tyler Stone, CEO of Alchemax – the megacorp that rules a dystopian cyberpunk in New York with an iron fist. At one point, he was even revealed to be Miguel’s father, with his other son Kron Stone becoming Venom 2099. Of course, with Kingpin was used as the villain of the previous season, maybe the creators might not be inclined to use another badass businessman as the main villain.


Shifting gears from sci-fi to fantasy, Through Spider-Verse could very well introduce the villain of the original Spider-Verse comic plot. Morlun is a member of the Heirs, a multiverse race of vampires that hunts down Spider-Man and energizes them. If any of that sounds a bit random, that’s because it is. But if anyone can take a concept as weird as Morlun and the Heirs and turn it into something interesting, that’s the team behind it. Spider-Verse movie.


Of course, Morlun wasn’t the only one The villain Spidey is obsessed with hunting Spider-Man – he’s not even the most famous one. And like Kingpin, Kraven is a villain who has yet to clash with Spider-Man in live action. A Kraven solo film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson is currently slated for a January 2023 release from Sony, but Through Spider-Verse can beat it for Kraven’s film debut. Kraven’s family (including his brother Chameleon) could easily be seen as supporting villains, uniting to fight the Spideys from across the multiverse.


Another major Spider-Man impersonator yet to make his film debut, Jackal is known for playing the villain of the infamous “Clone Saga” storyline, making him a controversial figure among fans. . However, a villain best known for accumulating an army of Spider-Man clones could easily be reused as the perfect villain for a Spider-Verse movie. That said, it’s probably a good idea to omit his creepy obsession with Gwen Stacy from this adaptation.


This entry may come as a surprise, as it’s a list of villains. But in a movie that focuses on the universe that replaces Spider-Man joining forces, a villainous Spider-Man variant could turn out to be an excellent main antagonist. Imagine Miles confronting a dark doppelganger of his mentor Peter Parker – a man who had lost hope in his heroic ideals and was wounded on his way to becoming a villain. Also, there’s Spider-Man Superior, a Doc Ock who swapped bodies with Peter Parker and in his place was Spider-Man, fight crime by brutal dictatorial methods. There’s even a villainous adult version of Miles Morales in the comics: a criminal who uses the alias Ultimatum.


It’s a bit of a funny choice – Professor Monster was the main antagonist of the 1970s live-action Spiderman Japanese TV series, also known as Su Payāman. The series doesn’t have much in common with the original manga, instead blending Spider-Man with the style of tokusatsu shows like Kamen Rider, giant, and Super Sentai. That series’ Spider-Man, Takuya Yamashiro, has been confirmed by producer Phil Lord to appear in the film. As such, it would be fun to see a cameo from his arch-nemesis, Doom-esque doctor Professor Monster, who commands the alien invaders known as the Iron Cross Army. Watching the Monster Professor on the big screen might be a lengthy endeavor, but it’s sure to be a treat for die-hard Spider-Man fans.

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