Who Uses Sun Breath in ‘Demon Slayer’?

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No YaibaSwordsmen known as Demon Slayers have trained themselves to use breathing techniques to unlock incredible superhuman and elemental abilities in order to fight against the demonic forces of the great demon lord, Muzan Kibutsuji. So far, viewers have seen several breathing patterns, including Water Breath, Fire Breath, Thunder Breath, and Monster Breath. But now the second season of the anime is adapting the manga Arc . entertainment area, the only thing anyone is talking about is the existence of the Breath of the Sun. But what exactly is it and what should its first users do with Tanjiro?

Tanjiro and his connection to the Breath of the Sun


During Tanjiro’s battle with the demon Rui, the young Slayer used his Hinokami Kagura for the first time, which was later interpreted as a ritual passed down through generations of the Tanjiro coal merchant family as a dance and offering. Hinokami, God of Fire. At the beginning of Demon SlayerTanjiro is seen learning the dance from his father and has somehow incorporated it into a Deadly Breathing Technique, capable of harming the strongest of demons.

However, thanks to the Hashira flame, Kyojuro Rengoku, Tanjiro eventually discovers that the Hinokami Kagura Technique is part of another breathing technique long ago, about which Kyojuro’s father, Shinjuro, had kept information.

When Tanjiro arrives to talk to Shinjuro about information; he was immediately shunned after the former Flame Hashirs saw it hanafuda earrings and assumes that the boy practices the art of Breath of the Sun, which Tanjiro has never heard of until this point. Shinjuro went on to explain to Tanjiro that all other forms of breathing are “no different from the original Breath of the Sun”.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni: The original user of the Sun Breath style


After Tanjiro made it clear the true purpose of his visit, Shinjuro then gave Tanjiro a chance to go through several texts detailing the Sun Breathing technique. He even sent Tanjiro a letter later explaining how the Hinokami Kagura dance actually combines the 13 forms that make up the art of Sun Breathing.

In the manga, however, Tanjiro eventually finds the truth for himself after experiencing a series of strange dreams – known as inherited memories in the series – involving his ancestor Sumiyoshi. In dreams, Tanjiro experiences events in Sumiyoshi’s life, including a conversation with Yoriichi Tsugikuni, creator of Sun Breathing, and the first Demon Slayer of the Sengoku period. Tanjiro arrives to learn that Yoriichi is famous in Demon Slayer history as the strongest swordsman that ever existed in the organization and the only Demon Slayer who almost defeated Muzan on his own.

As Tanjiro travels through his inherited memories, he ends up observing Yoriichi as he takes on the first 12 Sun Breath forms that helped the famous Demon Slayer to perfect his Breath Style. me. And since Yoriichi supposedly didn’t leave any heirs, it looks like he left his Sumiyoshi hanafuda earrings and the Sun Breathing method as a way to continue his legacy. Thanks to Sumiyoshi, those movements were passed down through the generations and eventually became known as Hinokami Kagura. Now, given his family’s connection to the technique, Tanjiro also has the ability to become the second Sun Breath user in Demon Slayer history.

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