Who is the New Spider-Man in the Spider-Man World?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s upcoming sequel info Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was kept under a tight lock and key. After the first teaser, fans had some big questions, many of which revolved around where the dynamic new Spider-Man came out of and took over the whole thing.

Into the Spider-Verse is an absolute masterpiece, while at the same time telling a deeply personal superhero origin story and a sprawling multiverse narration in an exceptionally beautiful package. One of the most interesting aspects of the film is the interweaving of many of the film’s characters in the eponymous crawl, so the one featured in the trailer is naturally going to draw interest.


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Into the Spider-Verse center on Miles Morales, a new Spider-Man is coming to his home universe. He took the cape from the recently deceased Peter Parker and grew to become a movie hero, with the help of a few other Spider-Mans. The first dimension alien is Gwen Stacy, the Spider-Woman in her universe, with whom Miles has forged a strong bond. Miles’ primary mentor is Peter B. Parker, an alternate universe receiving Spider-Man, who has been there for over twenty years and has lost the spark he once held.

Spider-man 2099 comic book magic match

This trio is joined by three much less traditional characters. Spider-Man Noir, also known as Peter Parker, is a black-and-white and vigilante private detective from a dimension that is currently in 1933. Peni Parker comes from a reality set in the year 3145 when She has a psychic link with a spider that lives in a robot and together they fight crime as SP//dr. Finally, Peter Porker, AKA Spider-Ham is a cartoon pig and spider genetic mix created when a radioactive pig bites a spider. These are Spider-Man who serve as the main team of the movie, but the movie has a teasing end credit scene new entry of the next movie.

Hero suit sleek belong to Spider-Versepost-credits scene of and the mysterious character in the new trailer is none other than Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099. Miguel is a brilliant genetic engineer, working on existing methods of splicing DNA onto human subjects. . After several stealth assassination attempts from his bosses at Alchemax, Miguel is unwittingly matched on a genetic level with a spider. While meta-science is the source of his powers, Miguel’s take on Spider-Man’s set of powers is much more biological. He has razor-sharp claws on his hands and feet, venom-filled fangs, and organic silk spiders to shoot his signature webs. He wears a web-patterned cape that acts like a hovercraft, allowing for short-distance flight and, as established in the post-production scene, a wristwatch capable of traveling in multiple dimensions. . This is Miguel O’Hara’s first appearance on the big screen, although he has acted in a cartoon or two and some video games. The character is, and seems to still be, played by movie star Oscar Isaac.

Spider-Man 2099 has been created in 1992 by Peter David and Rick Leonardi as part of a futuristic line taking on classic characters. The Spider-Man 2099 The series follows many of the franchise’s stylistic standards by adding a cyberpunk corporate anti-hero to the character. Spider-Man’s Leap is by far the most popular installment of the series, remaining the only one consistently discussed by fans. In the comics, Miguel overcame some his interdimensional partners a number of times, including strings Spider-Verse from which the movies seem to borrow their names. As a character, Miguel is quite different from most Spider-Man. His initial mission was to cure his spider powers, but over time, he devoted himself to fighting the corrupt mega-corporations that dominated his home town of Nueva York. .

Little is known about the upcoming film, but given what little is currently available about Miguel’s role in the teaser and post-credits scene, some conjecture can be expected about the story. The brief post-credits scene is mostly a joke, in which Spider-Man 2099 interacts with his AI assistant Lyla, who has created a self-propelled multiverse travel device. Miguel then uses the device to jump straight back to “Earth-67”, his own world Firstly Spiderman anime is back in 1967, with the express intention of recruiting that older design. However, this fails and the scene simply ends with the old endgame panel and musical cues. The character’s next appearance is when he suddenly emerges from a portal, confronts Miles Morales and drags him into a new futuristic universe. A glimpse of his wearable reveals their destination as Earth-928, Miguel’s home universe in the comics.

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Spider-Man 2099 appears to have methods of monitoring the multiverse, shown on an array of screens with footage from the movie before Lyla notices him. He also has the ability to jump across dimensions much more easily than was possible in the previous film. It’s unclear how Gwen and Miles travel through the dimensions in this new trailer, but every other space travel incident stems from Kingpin’s massive machine. Miguel’s goal is unclear, but he seems to be hunting alternate versions of the hero he became, and Miles Morales is his next target. Whatever his intentions, fans will have to wait to see Spider-Man 2099’s full-featured debut when Across the Spider-Verse: Part One premieres October 7, 2022.

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