Who Is Perrin In The Wheel Of Time?

Based on the series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan, Wheel of time finally out now. The show features a number of mysterious characters and viewers are eager to know more about them, especially Perrin.

The plot is set in a world where women can safely access powerful magic but men cannot because it drives them crazy. The story follows a powerful woman named Moiraine, who belongs to a group of magical women known as the Aes Sedai. She leads four young people on a long and difficult journey that we discover while watching the show.

Moraine believes that one of her young companions, including Perrin, is the prophesied Dragon who will save the world or destroy it. However, she is not the only one looking for the Dragon as both allies and enemies are looking for the chosen one. But before you read further, here’s a sensible warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Arcane | Act III Trailer | Netflix



Arcane | Act III Trailer | Netflix






Perrin Aybara in Wheel of time

The character Perrin Aybara is one of the main characters both in the books and in the show and is played by Marcus Rutherford.

Perrin was the eldest of four children born to a peasant couple in a place called Two Rivers, where he worked as a blacksmith. As discussed previously, he is one of only four possible incarnations of the Dragon, according to Moiraine Damodred.

In Wheel of time shown, we can see that Perrin’s village is attacked by Trollocs hunting for Dragons. While trying to protect herself and her lover, Laila, during the attack, Perrin accidentally swung an ax without knowing that Laila herself was standing behind her. However, this fatal blow kills Laila, leaving Perrin feeling guilt and grief.

After this incident, Moiraine told Perrin about the prophecy and the fact that the Trollocs would continue to spy on him and his friends. So he decided to leave The Two Rivers and embark on a journey to the White Tower in the East.

Later on in the show we see that Perrin has some sort of supernatural power that attracts wolves. The wolves not only guide Perrin but also help save his life by licking a wound that has been contaminated with Trolloc poison. This incident shows that he is a wolf brother. For those who haven’t read the book, the wolf buddy is someone who develops an affinity for wolves and some wolf-like traits.

Perrin’s Personality and Powers

Perrin has a gentle demeanor and is slow to anger. His cautious way of thinking gives him the ability to assess every situation logically instead of acting on impulse.

Although he rarely gets angry, his physical prowess and animalistic impulses make his anger a deadly weapon. This inner struggle is a central theme for Perrin as a character.

As for Perrin’s powers, we don’t get to see much in the first three episodes. But given that Perrin is a wolf-brother, his character is able to develop powers such as psychic communication, vision and tracking, and an extreme sense of smell (much like wolves). Besides, we saw Wheel of time shows that he also has meaningful prophetic dreams.

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