Who is Grills and what is his tragic fate?

Set to background of holiday cheer, Hawk Eye is proving to be an entertaining watch. This six-episode Disney Plus series features epic car chases, representations of the disabled, and much-anticipated crossover teases – and only half of the series has been released. broadcasting.

One thing that left viewers scratching their heads was the inclusion of the character Grills in episode two of the adventure comedy. Though unfamiliar to the general public, the mere mention of the name has left those familiar with the show’s original material, Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawk Eye comic run, to feel a pit of fear in their stomachs. Here’s everything you need to know about Grills and the tragic fate Fraction has laid out for him.


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Who are Grills?

Hawkeye is deaf

To understand the importance of Grills, one must first understand Complex animation of the comic series Fraction. The writer drew Clint Barton – the superhero Hawkeye – to be the epitome of everything that marks itself. He’s a useless bachelor and a neighborhood gangster on a path of self-destruction. In the critically-acclaimed comic, he lives alone in a smashed apartment block in the posh Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, in an attempt to regain his individuality from the Avengers. Although the apartment complex has much to offer, it is filled with friendly faces who have socialized at rooftop parties and happily welcomed Clint into their lives. But, just like in the Disney Plus series, Mafia Tracksuit appeared in the picture and shook everything.

They begin to pose a threat to the apartment residents, which does not directly affect Clint due to his Avengers level security, however, the gang tries to repel the residents using lower means. This leads to heavy conflict as Clint begins to investigate the illegal dealings of the Russian mafia while he tries to buy back the apartment building from them to protect his neighbors from crime and inflation. house rent.

Back to the main issue here – Who is Fraction’s Grills? Grills is one of Clint’s neighbors in the building, often seen doing grilling at rooftop barbecues. He has a distinct appearance, always wearing glasses and a trucker’s hat. He bonded with Clint throughout the comics as he referred to him as “Hawkguy” instead of “Hawkeye”, which eventually became a joyful close friendship. It is also revealed that Clint assisted Grills in his relationship with his father as the superhero helped them protect their personal belongings when a hurricane hit the city. Disney Plus introduced Grills with a new look. In the online series, the character is revealed to be a firefighter who fought Clint in live-action role-playing event in episode two.

Escaping Kate’s apartment building in a Ronin suit, the friendly firefighter used it as his armor at a local LARP event in Central Park. After Clint agrees to allow Grills – also introduced as Gilbert – to defeat him in a mock battle, the two have a brief chat before separating. Unlike the comic book character, the combat warrior has little “a pale middle-aged man with family baggage” attached to him and appears to be a cool, nerdy firefighter with a bustling social group (among his fellow LARPers). Due to this tonal shift, viewers were skeptical whether Grills’ tragic fate in the comics would make it to the small screen.

What Happens to Grills?

Grills in the Disney Plus Hawkeye series

Unfortunately, in Fraction’s comics, Grills didn’t survive the Mafia Tracksuit attack that weighed heavily on Clint’s consciousness. The group of villains hires a villain named Kazimierz Kazimierczak, better known by the alias Clown. Kazimierz has a history rooted in the life of the circus and committed his crimes while his face painted white. Clown’s mission is to track down Clint and kill him, but not before mentally terrorizing him. The mercenary decided to walk around the apartment complex and pointlessly kill Grills. The murder took place right in front of Clint as the two were having a casual conversation before going their separate ways. After his death, Clint attended his funeral along with the other residents of the apartment.

Will Disney Plus embark on this dark path? It is not known. However, it should be noted that Kazimierz was cast in the series. Perhaps the streaming series will paint Grills as a hero since he’s a regular physically trained firefighter and he knows some combat skills combined with his LARP history. Although, given his friendly and respectful attitude around Clint, killing the character will recall the audience with the same emotions as intended with the murder in the comics. A lot can happen in the final three episodes of the show.

Hawk Eye Now streaming on Disney Plus.

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