Who did Gimli’s ax find in the Moria mine?

In the 2001 film adaptation of Lord of the Rings, Elrond invited a number of respected members of all races to join his council in Rivendell, to discuss the fate of the One Ring, and whether it should beyond the reach of the dark lord, or completely destroyed. In the company were Boromir and Aragorn, two men of Gondor, the wizard Gandalf, Legolas the High-elf of Mirkwood, and Gimli, son of Gloin, a dwarf.

They quickly decided that there was nowhere they could keep the ring because it would not return to its owner, or contaminate the land and people living there beyond repair. So the only solution is to destroy the ring and remove Sauron of his power once and for all. However, Boromir suggests that this is crazy and that “One cannot just walk into Mordor“So how the hell did they get rid of the bad guy. At this point, Gimli strode forward and smashed her unbreakable ax into the ring. The ax exploded into glittering shards and splinters, and the dwarves were thrown backwards from the impact. It is clear that the ring cannot be defeated by any other means than by throwing it into the fire where it was first forged, going against the will and knowledge of Celebrimbor, who created the rings. other dwarves, as well as many doors and passages of elves in Middle-earth.


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Frodo, the brave Hobbit from The Shire volunteered to bring the ring to Mordor himself and toss it into the fire. Aragorn swore the sword, Legolas swore the bow, and Gimli swore an ax. But if his ax has just been torn, which ax does he swear to obey fellowship and fight in all great battles which is to go with? The answer lies deeper in their journey. As a fellowship relationship goes through many difficult paths and many dangerous journeys, and one of the things that has proven to be the most dangerous is the decision to go back from the evil mountain of Caradhras, where they were covered with snow and almost forced off the steep and dangerous slopes. Instead, they choose to exploit the roots through Mines Moria, an ancient dwarven settlement long abandoned because the dwarves dug too deep for Mithril and awakened an ancient evil from the past.

gimli in the moria

Gray Gandalf leads the company in the dark, with a keen sense of direction like The cunning cats Queen Beruthiels, and they crossed the mines to the room of Balin, Gimli’s father’s cousin. Here they found a tomb in which Balin had been placed, and a record had been kept of an orc invasion that had wiped out half of the new settlement. Gimli was appalled at the fate of her people and grieving the loss of her family members.

When the comrades were trapped in the room by attacking orcs wielding a giant cave troll, they all had to fight to get out with their lives. It was at this point that Gimli got hold of the ax hilt in the burial chamber, precisely Balin’s old ax. This is the ax that becomes his primary weapon for the rest of the trilogy, bringing him good fortune, keeping him safe, and paying tribute to those he lost along the way. Go.

Gimli Hatless

The party finds their way out of the tomb, but loses Gandalf on the Khazad Dum Bridge, at the hands of Balrog. Little did they know, he would come back stronger later, as Gandalf the White, but by that time the fellowship had fled to the safe lands of Lothlorien, where they hoped to be reunited. Queen Galadriel, the wooden lady, let her rest and recuperate. But when they reached the border, the elves were not so kind to Gimli as a dwarf, and forbade him from entering unless he agreed. continue to be blindfolded and unarmed. He’s very offended by this, and a contributing factor may be because he doesn’t want to part with the ax he just claimed, due to its emotional legacy.

However, the group agrees to go blindfolded with him, and their blindfolds will be removed when they meet the woman herself. From this point on, he used the ax to fight against Haradrim, keeping scores competitive with his friend Legolas, and in the Battle of the Black Gate in a final attempt to distract the enemy’s eyes from Frodo and his brave companion Sam, who are entered under the knockdown from the opposite direction.

When Gimli sailed to the Immortal Lands, in a noble place that had never been given to a dwarf, the only possession in the world he carried with him was his ax, both because he had sworn an oath. will always protect the Wearer of the Ring, and as it reminds him of his long and remarkable life and those who came before.

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