Who are the five enemy faces

A lot of buzz has been generated by the announcement of Montreal’s new WB Games Knight of Gotham game at a virtual event in August 2020. Since then, details have been rather sparse, but a recent teaser has revealed a lot more about the game and more importantly, what gamers can expect. will resist. The Court of Owls official story trailer confirmed that the secret mythological society will be the main antagonist in the series. Knight of Gotham, but there are also other important factions that players will deal with to keep Gotham safe.

NS Batman: Arkham Origins The developers have been teasing details for months now, and players are interested in as much information as possible about the latest. Batman game. With gameplay clips, plot synopsis, and four playable characters, gamers’ve got enough to speculate. After many delays and failures, Knight of Gotham is confirmed for release next year, so players won’t have to wait long until they can check out the highly anticipated game for themselves.


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Gotham Knights Villains: What We Know So Far

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While the news about the five villains is excusing gamers, it is clear that the main villains are the key characters of DC, the Court of Owls. With some of the most impressive villains in comic book history, DC certainly has plenty of baddies to choose from. Batman features some of the most iconic villains from stable DC, and Court of Owls is definitely up there with the scariest.

The secret and almost legendary society of Gotham City’s elite was first revealed in the New 52 comic re-release in 2011, and is responsible for controlling the flow of wealth in the city as it Try to achieve different goals. They have worked in the background for centuries, shaping Gotham and driving the political and industrial waves from the shadows. Given their roots long before Gotham was founded as a city, it is certain that the entrenched secret cult poses a real threat to the captive heroes.

Along with the prominent role, Court of Owls is likely to play Knight of Gotham, players know that the action role-playing game will revolve around the familiar faces of some of the Bat family – Nightwing / Dick Grayson, Batgirl / Barbara Gordon, Robin / Tim Drakeand Red Hood/Jason Todd. The Dark Knight’s former patrons and partners will take over the cap crusader’s mantle following his apparent death, as well as the death of beloved Police Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Gotham will be an open world that players can explore as one of four characters, and with the game designed for co-op play, gamers will be encouraged to team up to take down enemies. Players will be able to seamlessly switch between characters, using all of their unique skills and powers during combat. As these characters, gamers will patrol the five districts of Gotham, facing many enemies and villains along the way.

Who is the enemy in the game?


Aside from the fearsome and nefarious Court of Owls, it looks like players will be up against their deadly assassins, the Talons. Firstly Knight of Gotham in the intro, a whimsical child reads in a voice “no one talks about them. Not a single whisper is spoken. For if you try to crush them, the talisman will beat you to death.”

In the comics, the Talons are quasi-supernatural assassins imbued with a chemical compound that not only grants them superhuman strength and dexterity, but also grants them regenerative powers to allow them to heal. and even death. The deadly Talons are armed with claw-like blades that allow them to cut and stab any opponent, making them formidable foes to Batman and his crew. As with their comic book roots, the Court of Owls appeared in the television series Gotham and a hitman Talon was briefly introduced in the series. Lego DC Super-Villains as an unlockable character.

According to the official Knight of Gotham site, following Batman’s death, a “new, expanding criminal underworld has swept the streets of Gotham City.” In a message left to the four playable characters, Batman urges them to come together to stop the increase in crime and take care of his city and prevent it from falling into anarchy.

With five districts to patrol, it’s likely that each of the five factions could organize wobble across a portion of the city, with more thugs and higher ranks for the bat family to face as they Fight to keep the streets safe and hope for survival for the citizens of Gotham. However, with the understanding that the Court of the Owls plays an important role in the events of the game, it is likely that they will be the puppet drivers behind the increase in crime across the city. as they seek to gain control in the power vacuum caused by the demise of both Batman and the Integrity Jim Gordon.

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What Players Expect from the Knights of Gotham

Gotham Knights suicide team trailer

From the game trailer, players learn that Mr. The eternally frozen Freeze will be one of the villains they will face throughout the course of the game. In a mission that sees Batgirl teaming up with Robin to take on Mr. Freeze and a weather control system at the top of the Elliot Center, two masked heroes battle various minions on their way to face the super villain. In spite of Mr. Freeze hardly a crime boss and usually works solo, likely leading one of five factions.

With the official website promising that the player will “defeat notorious villains in epic confrontations”, it’s safe to assume he’ll be joining the franchise’s most popular villains. other language. In the DC Fandome trailer, Penguin seems more of a reluctant ally than a villain as he warns Nightwing about the Court of Owls. With this guise, it’s unlikely he’ll be the head of another faction, but there’s still plenty to choose from in the Batman rulebook. The various Easter Eggs in the teasers and glimpses WB has given players so far hint at a host of other villains and enemies that could be included.

With the teaser image of Gotham Gazette informed of Wayne Manor’s demise, those with a keen eye will not only discover that the author of the piece is reporter Vicki Vale, but that the newspaper’s owners are in fact the Elliot family – an already familiar name from the game’s trailer. The name may also be familiar to Batman fans, who might suspect it point to the villain Batman Hush, aka Dr. Thomas Elliot. In the classifieds section of the same newspaper, there was an advertisement for a job at Falcone Enterprises, pointing to the notorious Gotham crime boss Carmine Falcone.

Another potential antagonist or faction leader could be Ra’s Al Ghul, the cold and calculating international crime mastermind and leader of the Assassin Alliance. With a large swarm of minions already under his control, he could be a formidable faction leader. Similarly, players have speculated on whether Two-Face might appear, as some hints have suggested. Of course, these are just speculations at this point, but with 2022 fast approaching, it’s possible that players’ curiosity will soon be met with the steady reveal of the other 4 factions that the players will face the same Court of Owls.

Knight of Gotham Released in 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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