Who are Queen Beruthiel’s cunning cats?

When the friendship is trying to decide how to get the ring, they have to choose between the cruel mountains of Caradhras, and the long dark tunnels of Moria. There is no safe way, but they are forced to make hasty decisions before they really weigh their options, because they are discovered by Crebain of Dunland, the flying spies reported their whereabouts to Saruman. They fled to the mountains, where snow and boulders and all kinds of malice were thrown at them so they were forced to turn around and try to deal with it. puzzle of the gate into the tunnel so they can get in.


Once inside, they realize that they are trapped inside, and have no chance to escape, entering deep into the heart of darkness and out to the other side. The others were afraid to get lost in the pitch-dark caves, but Gandalf used his famous fire magic to light their way. Aragorn told them not to fear, for Gandalf had not led them astray so far, and ‘he certainly finds his way home in the dark of the night than Queen Beruthiel’s cats.’

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So who is this great Queen, and why are her cats so good at traveling in the dark? To understand who she is, it is important to first consult the history of the Numenorians, of whom Aragorn is a descendant. The Numenorians are a race of spirits and beings from the Blessed Lands and colonies of Middle-earth. They created several kingdoms, including Gondor and Isengard. In these kingdoms they put Palantiri, seven visible stones that allowed them to communicate telepathically with each other over vast expanses of land.

Aragorn Palantiri

They were also prolific boat builders and sailors and cut down some trees in the ancient forest, which first angered Ant-Man and the trees that live in the forest of Fangorn. With their ships they traveled far and wide, and a small branch of the Numenorians began to claim other lands and enslave those who lived there, like Southrons, also known as Haradrim. These evil and greedy Numenorians are known as the Black Numenorians, because their souls are darkened.

Queen Beruthiel was one of them. She was married to a king of Gondor named Tarannon, but their union was an unhappy union, and she trusted neither him nor his men. She believes that they are plotting to kick her out of the kingdom and strip her of her title and power. She was known to hate cats, but precisely for this reason, the cats were fascinated by her and followed her wherever she went.

At first, she would try to get rid of them, but she quickly saw their company as an advantage, and so she gathered the 10 cats she tormented to confine them to service. mine. They are so governed by her will that they will do anything she asks, and she begins using them as spies to spy on the Gondorian soldiers. They would hover around the kingdom at night, peering into windows and crevices, then returning where she could not, to report their findings.

Even so, she remains distrustful, and has a white cat to watch over the other 9, all of which are black. The white cat is the ruler of the others, and always guarantees that they will return to the evil queen. However, when the King and his soldiers found out what she was doing, they feared that she might be a spy for Morgoth, the dark lord in power at the time, and so they banished. export her from the kingdom never to return, along with her ten stubborn cats.

Eye of Sauron

There are interesting similarities between Queen Beruthiel and Sauron. In earlier manuscripts of Lord of the Rings, Sauron will be named ‘Trevildo, prince of cats.’ This may be the reason why Sauron’s eyes are yellow and have cat-like grooves. But beyond that, there are parallels between the Beruthiels’ use of cats and Sauron’s use of the ring of power. Beruthiel uses a white cat to control and manipulate 9 black cats, in the same way that Sauron used the Power of One Ring to rule over the 9 rings he gave to men. 9 people who were so spoiled that they turned the kings who gave birth to them Ring-wraiths’ rampages hit the company on Weathertop. The One ring is always visible to its owner, in the same way that the white cat always returns to the Queen, and both will kill or betray any living thing to do their master’s bidding. their multiplication.

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