White man can’t wait to get mad about a black woman Supreme Court Justice

For nearly 180 years, every American president has made an unwritten pledge to nominate only white people to the Supreme Court of the United States. Race and gender are not mentioned, because they are preconceived.

Historical revisionists enjoy amnesia complained about how “we used to judge nominees to the Supreme Court on the basis of qualifications, character, and fitness” while pretending not to know that white and ugly were the first entries on the list. SCOTUS eligibility test book, but it’s fake nostalgia for you. America has always gone strongly into identity politics; it’s just white men whose identity is valued above all others.

A lot of those white men are going crazy now, reacting to racism at the minute President Joe Biden reaffirmed her campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Courtdidn’t even have to wait to find the Black woman they were attacking.

Upcoming Georgetown Law Instructors and former attorney of the Cato . Institute Ilya Shapiro has made it clear that he thinks being Black and being a woman is born unqualified for the Supreme Court. In a tweet that has since been deleted, he lament that his preferred candidate for the job “didn’t fit the latest hierarchy, so we’d get one less black woman.”

Consider how much racist nonsense Shapiro has curated into just one tweet. He was absolutely certain that a Black woman candidate would necessarily be “belower” than the other nominated candidates. His illogical conclusion that there is an unfair “alternative hierarchy” favors Black women, even though a Black woman hasn’t gone to court in 232 years. He is willing to announce publicly that no matter how qualified a Black woman candidate is, there must be a more qualified candidate out there, who she is taking on. worthy position.

In a related Tweet, Shapiro said that Biden’s selection “will always have an asterisk attached” to her name – a kind of magenta “action affirmation” on her permanent criminal record. It was – as if there wasn’t a white man of two centuries of affirmation. action policy in court. Shapiro is the same guy who in 2009 wrote that Sonia SotomayorThe nomination of “confirms that identity politics is more important … than achievement,” so it fits the person he’s always been.

Other rightists have taken different, equally ugly hits. Florida Representative Anthony Sabatini — best known for wear blackdressed up as a racist “Mexican” caricature and demanded that every removed the Confederate statue from all over the country sent to his home county — taking the “reverse racism” route, the white complaining route, ask President Biden “To be impeached for anti-white racism excludes any white candidate from being nominated to the Supreme Court.”

Then there’s the George Washington University legal professor Jonathan Turley, who tweeted that Biden’s choice will cause all sorts of “shrill and absurd moments” in the near term because “when the judges do The judge will hear arguments about the use of race in [college] enrollment, a member will be selected initially through racial and gender exclusion criteria. “Again, there’s a history of white men being selected through exclusion criteria, something Turley can’t seem to see. But beyond that, would Turley question the matter as Justice Clarence Thomas considered it? Because if you want to talk about the affirmative action that SCOTUS hires, you should start there.

Of course, Candace Owens— the racists who only call out when they want Blackface to say things against Blacks that they have also said — took to Twitter to humbly say how American must want her to go to court, and declare that “both black and female” is the only “necessary qualification” Biden is looking for. Then again, those seem to be the only qualifications that right-wing advocates nominating Owens — who doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree let alone a J.D. — on Twitter seem to be interested.

Tucker Carlson also continues a super sarcastic quip in which he rambles on remove a bunch of marginalized groups and suggested members should be nominated, because obviously that would be an interesting thing even to consider. He ended by mocking the suggestion that Bridget Floyd – the sister of George Floyd, who was murdered by the police – should be nominated, adding that “she is not a judge or a lawyer or anything what, but in this case, who cares? Obviously, that’s not the point anymore – this law. “

Understood? Because nominating a Black woman necessarily means you don’t care about the quality of the candidate.

I’m not the first to point that out as a candidate, Ronald Reagan announced his plans to sit a woman on court, but did not encounter this kind of backlash. Similarly, George W. Bush’s selection of Clarence Thomas was clearly done to keep Thurgood Marshall’s “Black” seat — while also bringing in a jurist who would carry out the white conservative agenda to the extreme. . And when Trump announced he was planning to appoint a woman to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there was talk from the right about his “identity politics”.

But now there’s all the fear of a black woman’s competence, even before we know that woman’s name, from the same team that fell silent when Trump brought in nine judges approved by the United Nations. The American Bar Association considers it “unqualified”, seven of them will serve lifetime appointments, on the federal bench? Certainly those who have nothing to say about Trump appointing fewer non-white federalists judges than recent predecessors not suddenly worried about racism? The same crowd that is okay with Amy Coney Barrett, who has never benched before or even argued an appeal, is in court, suddenly wondering about qualifications? Those who are still trying to reinstall a president who have been impeached twice and I don’t know how many articles the Constitution has Yes?

All powered by misogynoir, pure and simple. We could actually see Biden pick a candidate whose talents, expertise, and skills aren’t readily available, because she’ll be scrutinized in ways that her white and male colleagues don’t. he never had to face. To get to the point of being selected for a SCOTUS seat is to navigate a racist and sexist career minefield against any Black woman.

The point is not that we’re going to have a Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court, it’s that we’ve taken a long time to get here and people are still saying that shouldn’t happen. .

https://www.thedailybeast.com/white-men-cant-wait-to-get-mad-about-a-black-woman-supreme-court-justice?source=articles&via=rss White man can’t wait to get mad about a black woman Supreme Court Justice


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