White Bear is still one of Black Mirror’s most creative episodes

By Charlie Brooker Black mirror has shocked and terrified audiences since its premiere in 2011. The series has 22 episodes and an interactive series, Bandersnatch, on Netflix. Over the decade that the series has been around, Brooker has helped create some of the most meaningful and mind-blowing scripts to ever enthrall television. As Brooker’s catalog of disorder continues to grow, an episode has proven to stand the test of time.

“White Bear” (season 2, episode 2) stars Lenora Crichlow as the unnamed focal character for a large portion of the episode. In typical Black mirror Fashion, nothing is what it originally appeared. The amazing change near the end of “White Bear” has made it one of the Black mirror of most popular and innovative episodes, paving the way for later episodes like “Shut Up and Dance.”


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“White Bear” begins with a woman who wakes up with no idea where she is or who she is. Navigating the house, she found a photo of herself and a man, along with a second photo of a young girl she was carrying. She begins her adventure through a puzzling landscape where everyone waits to track, chase, and record her suspiciously. She manages to make an ally in Jem who reveals her plan to go to White Bear to destroy transmitters and put an end to the strange behavior around them. According to Jem, the viewers’ thoughtless behavior and the violent behavior of the hunters were caused by the strange upside-down y-shaped symbol that was discovered all over “White Bear”.

Viewers record Victoria

The turning point of “White Bear” came shortly after Jem and the unnamed woman reached the White Bear’s premises. In against two hunters, the unnamed woman took the gun and fired it, confused to discover that it dropped confetti instead of a bullet. The walls behind her began to change, revealing the live studio audience. She is then strapped to a chair, where she knows that the whole day is a staged performance, filled with actors and spectators. Her attention was directed to the screen in front of her, which identified her as Victoria Skillane. The video revealed that Victoria and her fiancé Iain Rannoch kidnapped and killed Jemima Sykes (the man and the girl in the photo). Iain tortured the young girl and eventually killed her, while Victoria was filming.

What helps make “White Bear” whirlwind such an impact is largely due to the commentary it provides regarding media, justice, and empathy. At the start of “White Bear”, Victoria is an empathetic character as she struggles to understand what’s going on around her and has no recollection of who she is. Once the twist happens, the empathy that had been built for her throughout the episode was immediately replaced with disgust and hatred for the horrific crime she committed. This change becomes more effective when all the clues that once made her sympathetic are later discovered to have completely different contexts and meanings.

Videos that bring amazing change in “White Bear” also notes that throughout her ordeal, Victoria maintained that she was “under Iain’s permission.” Throughout “White Bear”, Victoria is under a new spell after her memory is frequently erased and she becomes part of a controlled environment designed to make her insane. Viewers’ passivity as they record Victoria reflects how Victoria stands by and does nothing to help Jemima. Victoria’s only ally in phased simulation was named Jem, short for the name Jemima. Jem’s explanation that viewers and hunters are being controlled by the symbolism is also a direct reference to Victoria’s argument that she was bewitched by her fiancé. The strange symbolism revealed is the tattoo on the back of Iain’s neck. Ultimately, the episode’s title (and the facility’s name) derives from Jemima’s own white teddy bear, which is a symbol of the investigation’s hope.

Black mirror often recognized as reflecting modern society rudely and uncomfortably honest. At their core, the events of “White Bear” are an accurate reflection of how so openly violent news is spread. Social media has made it even easier to spread harsh, disturbing content. “White Bear” also raises questions about effective punishment. Victoria can’t remember her name or anything serious, can only remember what she did through videos she is forced to watch after each simulation. It is questioned how many people who committed those crimes are still in her.

In the same series as “Be Right Back”, “The Waldo Moment” and “White Christmas”, “White Bear” is a notable standout. Each of these episodes in Black mirror of Monday The series has messy twists and turns continues the familiar trend of disconcerting truths about the real world. Other episodes pose as “what if” while the events of “White Bear” are very tragic very real. The exact details of a justice center designed for the fall of Victoria may not be entirely real, but the bigger picture of what justice looks like and how it will be implemented are up for debate. continues to happen today. Themes like those common in “White Bear,” along with its clever twist, are what make it such a memorable episode eight years after its first premiere.

Black mirror currently streaming on Netflix.

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