Which starter Pokemon should you choose?

More than fifteen years since first release and generation 4 Pokemon The game is finally back in focus. Like Let’s go! game before them, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls are full remakes for the Nintendo Switch, meaning a new generation of players will now be able to explore the wonderful world of Sinnoh. A lot has changed over the years, both in visuals and in gameplay, though one key question remains the same: which Gen 4 starter Pokemon is the best?

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For starters, Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup are among the The most popular starter Pokemon of all time, although trying to decide between them can be extremely difficult. As is the case with most of the starting trio of generations, each Pokemon has its own pros and cons, making it more difficult to judge one over the others. However, depending on exactly what players are looking for in the first part, this decision could turn out to be a little easier.


Why players should choose Turtwig as their starter


Turtwig will give players an edge in some games soon Battle in the gym, is said to be the time when the player needs to warm up the most. During these opening levels, most people still haven’t had a chance to start building a balanced team and so will likely still rely on beginners to carry them through most of the battles. With this in mind, Turtwig is the perfect start for new players or those looking to make the game a little easier while they grasped its mechanics.

In addition to the earliest shine, Turtwig also has its uses later in the game. Its final form, the Torterra, is a physical tank capable of withstanding some real punishment and its grass/ground dual hit certainly has its uses. It’s also important to note that Turtwig’s late evolution is activated at level 32, much earlier than the other first two. It is true that the two eventually catch up and are supposed to surpass Turtwig in many ways, but, at least, for a decent chunk of the game, Turtwig really leads the way.

Why should players choose Chimchar as their starter


Like Charmander in the Gen 1 games, Chimchar will have a hard time in the game’s first gym as Roark’s team is made up specifically for rock-type Pokemon. Things were still better in Eterna City and then Snowpoint City gyms, though, but overall, Chimchar will probably have more bad days than good as players work their way through Sinnoh’s eight gyms. It does have the first evolution a few levels before the other two begin, however, giving it the edge in some mid-game trainer battles.

Ultimately, players should not choose Chimchar as a short-term solution but instead as a potential long-term member of their team. The lack of fire-type Pokemon stands out in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls perform the ultimate evolution of Chimchar, Infernape, the most likely candidate for a spot in the player’s final game pool of its three launches, as well as its impressive attack stats. This is especially true for those who are playing Shining pearls, as having Palkia on their team would almost certainly put Empoleon on the bench.

Why should players choose Piplup as a starter


Piplup is arguably the safest of the three, providing players with an experience that, while still challenging, shouldn’t push them Pokemon-Skills play too far. As mentioned above, Shining pearls Players interested in the end game may want to choose Chimchar instead so they can match both Palkia and their starter on their final team. Because the Brilliant diamond On the other hand, the Piplup player is a solid, if not necessary, choice, and a useful one all the way up to the Elite Four.

It’s worth noting that there are several other possible water types that the player can obtain early in the game, including Psyduck and Magikarp (which can later be evolved into Gyarados). In fact, there are quite a few strong water available transparent Shining Diamonds & Shining Pearls, which arguably weakens the Piplup argument a bit. Granted, the same is true for Turtwig, but in its case at least, those Pokemon don’t actually appear until later in the game.

Final Judgment


Which gen 4 should a beginner player choose really depends on what they’re looking for in a beginner Pokemon. New players and Those who want to make their life easier early on should definitely choose Turtwig, when anyone looking for a Pokemon that will stick with them until the end of the game should really pick Chimchar. Even so, Piplup is arguably the weakest of the trio, as with most of the series’ starters, it’s still a very good Pokemon in its own right. With that in mind, there really aren’t any bad choices here – even if some are subjectively a little better than others.

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