Which Pokémon Legends: Arceus starter should you choose?

Pokémon Legend: Arceus Waste no time in thwarting one of the series’ oldest trends: introducing three new Pokémon and allowing players to choose one Pokémon to start with. To replace, Arceus will bring back three departures from the series’ history, one of which will act as each player’s companion as they travel through the region of Hisui.

While Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlet are familiar faces to fans of the series, they are introduced in an all-new Hisui environment. To help you choose the best starter out of the three, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the reliability and fun factor of each Pokemon in the series. Pokemon Legend: Arceus.


Cyndaquil and its evolutionary line, Quilava and Typhlosion, are some of the most beloved Fire starters in the entire series, so it’s easy to see why Game Freak chose to include them. Arceus. Although Cyndaquil has continued to be overshadowed by faster, more powerful Fire starters like Torchic and Scorbunny, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many players.

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Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava, followed by Typhlosion. Beginners all receive new Hisuian forms for their final evolutions — and Typhlosion is no different. When it reaches this final stage, it becomes both Fire and Ghost, increasing the set of moves available to it. Its Hisuian form is perhaps the least appealing of the three, and it has been remembered as dead ever since its pre-launch leak. But if looks aren’t as important as you, it’s still worth your while.

Traditionally, Fire-type Pokémon are less common in the wild than Water or Grass-types, which has always made Fire-type Start an easy choice for those looking to have a well-balanced team. This is especially true in games with Sinnoh, the region where Hisui is based. Outside Chimchar boots, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s the only non-legendary Fire type is Ponyta. Arceus works better by including other Fire-type Pokémon like Hisuian Growlithe, so choosing Cyndaquil isn’t quite as necessary as in BDSPbut it’s still a good idea if you want some early game firepower – and late game Ghost power.


Oshawott is Arceus’ Water-style warm-up and cheers Black and white Pokémon. It evolved into Dewott, followed by Samurott. All of these developments are tough, powerful Water-types that make great companion Pokémon that can stand up to the wilds of Hisui.

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Once Oshawott reaches Samurott state, it can learn a variety of moves that can both buff itself and debuff enemies. Its balanced stats mean that it can function as a physical attacker or a special attacker depending on the moves it is taught and the items it holds. Like the other early installments, the Hisuian form in its final evolution also took on another form — in this case, Dark, making it a dual form of Water and Darkness. It’s called a formidable Pokémon for a reason.

While Water types aren’t exactly hard to find in Hisui, Oshawott and its evolution can still be powerful members of a well-balanced team. Samurott also benefits from having the best Hisuian evolution of the three starters. So, if you’re looking for a Water-type with great style and quality to back it up, Oshawott could be the one for you.


Rowlet, memorable member of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s trilogy starts, back again in Arceus. This is the only one who starts with dual style: Grass and Flying. While Grass types are also popular in general, the dual type status in the early game is a useful boon for those looking to build a diverse team.

Screengrab via Nintendo / The Pokemon Company

Rowlet evolved into Dartrix, followed by Decidueye. While Decidueye is a Grass and Ghost form in other titles, its Hisuian form is a Grass and Dual Combat form, giving it a different feel in the game. Arceus. This makes Decidueye more of a physical fighter than a specialty fighter, but it’s still a great addition to a well-balanced team.

Decidueye’s Hisuian form is unique, lying somewhere between Typhlosion and Samurott. If you are interested in stealth, agility, Grass and Combat playstyles that can learn powerful attacks from multiple styles late in the game, Rowlet is definitely the right choice. Which Pokémon Legends: Arceus starter should you choose?


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