Which House of the Dragon Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

HBO’s House of the Dragon has broken records with nearly 10 million viewers tuning in for its premiere.  The internet is abuzz as the final episode recently dropped, with viewers sharing theories, making predictions, and even categorizing favorite characters by zodiac sign. 

Who is who?

As Game of Thrones’ successor, House of the Dragon has been enjoying a similarly big hype that has been expanding the complex lore of the franchise. To keep abreast of the many players within the house of Targaryen, there are a myriad of online resources, such as ExpressVPN’s Targaryen family tree.  The tree leads audiences through the World of Westeros from Jaehaerys I Targaryen to Jon Snow.  It also features roles and facts about each main character and a bingo card game to play the next time you watch.  To figure out which House of the Dragon character shares your zodiac sign, keep reading below. 


Daemon Targaryen occupies the first House of the Zodiac with his arrogant ways.  Aries are known to be adventurous, courageous, competitive, and ambitious-all traits Daemon proudly displays.


This sign is known for being grounded, dependable, and stubborn-much like Sir Criston Cole whom Rhaenyra relies on as her rock.  However, when a Taurus is betrayed by a friend, they won’t soon forgive. 


Alicent Hightower embodies a Gemini with her gregarious nature.  She can brighten a room, but also has another side: that of political ruthlessness.


Cancers are water signs who are fiercely devoted to those they love, much like Rhaenyra Targaryen.  Like most Cancers, Rhaenyra can be offended easily and holds grudges. 


On the one hand, Leos are generous, but on the other, they can be pompous, much like Aegon II Targaryen.  Leos are the King of the Zodiac, and Aegon is raised to believe he was born for a King’s role. 


Virgos are known to be logical-the type of person people go to for advice, which is why Lyonel Strong is the epitome of a Virgo.  He is one of the most reasonable characters on the show and although blunt, he always councils Viserys in the most practical manner.  


King Viserys I Targaryen is the ideal Libra, as all he wants is peace and quiet.  Libras want everyone to get along and can sometimes come across as people pleasers. 


Like the Game of Thrones Master of Whispers, this character is an ideal Scorpio.  Larys Strong seeks truth above all and is known to take action and settle scores. 


This sign is known for optimism and a sense of humor.  They also love their freedom, much like Laenor Valaryon, who enjoyed doing whatever he pleased at Rhaenyra’s side.  He is fair-minded and a great conversationalist.


Capricorns are ambitious and strong, but also see barriers that can hold them back, like Rhaenys Targaryen.  The woman who would be queen cannot see a Westeros where women rule, but is ambitious enough to marry her young daughter to the crown. 


Aquarius are brilliant thinkers who never reveal too much of themselves and can seem manipulative, like Otto Hightower.  Otto hovers at the edge of greatness, yet knows more than anyone else. 


Pisces go with the flow and can decipher others’ emotions.  Aemma Targaryen was a gentle soul who deeply understood and cared for her family. 

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