Where to get Miner’s Hat

Red Dead Redemption 2 players looking for a useful Miner’s Hat item in the game can count on this guide for assistance.

Red 2 Redemption Logo and Miner Hat

Red Dead Redemption 2 there are dozens of different options for players who want to customize their character’s appearance. At trading points and general stores around the world, players can purchase individual items such as hats, jackets and pants, or even entire themed outfits. However, on top of these options, there are a bunch of unique items Red Dead Redemption 2 players may encounter in their gameplay.

One of the hard to find challenges in the game is the Miner’s Hat. This hat acts as a light source and is a great find for those who want to explore hidden areas of Red Dead Redemption 2. This particular item is stuck behind a wall in an abandoned mine and players who want to get it can use this guide for help.


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Where to find Miner’s Hat

Players looking for the Miner’s Hat needed to travel north of West Elizabeth, to an area known as the Great Valley. The nearest fast-moving place is one of the more memorable towns in Red Dead Redemption 2, Strawberry. From here, the player needs to head north and enter the passes while observing the mine entrance.

elizabeth west at rdr2

The entrance to this mine is just north of the “Beryl’s Dream” marker on the map and at the end of the dash line nearby. It is located in a small valley in this mountainous area and has a wide entrance with a protruding rock. This is the home of the Miner Hat, but getting this item requires players to be very observant.

red dead redeemed 2 me

How to get to Miner’s Hat

At first glance, the mine has completely collapsed, players cannot go deeper than a few dozen meters. Unfortunately, dynamite is just as effective when opening the inner safe Red Dead Redemption 2 is useless here. To get into the Miner’s Hat, the player needs to locate the fuse to the left of the mine and near the entrance. Enabling this will blow a hole through the collapse and give the player access to the hat’s location.

red dead ransom 2 open mines

Trick your way through the new entrance and into the main room. From here, go right into a side niche. At this point, the player will see the weapon stats on their minimap and can head straight towards it to locate the hat. Inside this smaller area was a corpse with a knife in its back, one of the many mysteries in Red Dead Redemption 2. Right next to this body is the Miner’s Hat, and simply picking it up gives the player this cool item, which automatically lights up once it’s worn.

red hat redeems 2 miners

Red Dead Redemption 2 Available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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