Where to find the Shining Stone in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Evolution stones are nothing new to Pokémon franchises, but more seem to be added in every generation, leading to more complicated methods of collecting them all to complete your Pokédex or just grow your party members.

The Shiny Stone debuts for the first time among other items and evolution methods added Diamond and Pearl.

This dazzling stone has only been used to evolve four species of Pokémon in the entire franchise, but two of them are derived from Sinnoh and were introduced in the fourth generation. The Shiny Stone is the only method to obtain Togekiss and Roserade. To see how each Pokémon can be a powerful and great addition to your team, just look at Champion Cynthia, who uses both depending on which game you’re facing her.

Given their power and utility, you’ll need a Shiny Stone to evolve your Togetic or Roselia into its final form. But the process of getting that item is easier said than done when training your team, especially if you plan to use both Pokémon.

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There are two static positions for the Shiny Stone. You can access both during your trip, but only one of them is accessible before the match ends.

Your best bet for a Shiny Stone is to venture to the Iron Island. There, after working with Riley to investigate and find a Team Galactic presence in the area — and get the Rioulu Egg while you’re there — you can leave the cave using a handy elevator near the bottom of the cave. .

However, you’ll want to make sure you’ve thoroughly explored the area on the third floor, because a Shiny Stone awaits you. That’s the only one you can get without having to cross your path later.

There are two other ways to get the Shiny Stone if you miss the one on Iron Island or just need the second one. You’ll have to wait until you’ve become a Champion and can get to the Battle Resort, where you can find the Shiny Stone on Route 228. Otherwise, you’ll need to be lucky to have a Pokémon with a Pickup ability. Stone.

The Shiny Stone is not included as an item that can be found through excavation in the Grand Underground, so once you use the finite slots on your underworld you will have to rely on luck.

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