Where to find the Giant Turkey (Turkulon)

New world has quickly become one of the newer more popular games on the MMO market, at one point rising to the top of the steam charts. Now, Amazon keeps improving New world by fixing some game mechanics and bugs.

One way Amazon delivers exciting new content New world is the giant turkey raid boss. What some people suspect is being late Thanksgiving for gamers, Amazon introduced the first luck-based food item in the game. When killed, Turkulon drops a “Monster Turkey Leg” that can be used in the recipe for “Turkey’s Bizarre Dinner”.


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This feed increases the player’s constitution and luck for 40 minutes, giving better odds on chest and dungeon runs. However, Turkulon can only drop six turkey legs each time it is killed, so players will need to arrive quickly and deal a good amount of damage. So for New world For fans looking to hunt these turkeys quickly, here are Turkulon’s current known spawning sites.

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Brightwood Turkulon Location in New World

One of the first areas where gamers can find the giant turkey on New world map is in Brightwood. The two spawn locations are towards the center of Brightwood, just east of Wolfbough and in the southeast corner of Bronzegrove.


Turkulon locations in Mourningdale New World

In Mourningdale, Turkey can appear towards the center of the map, either north of Stone Witness or south of the area by the Floodplain.

Restless shore

Non-stop Turkulon Coast location in New World

In Restless Shore, Turkulon can appear in the northern part of the area by the Sunshade Plains and Shiresad Beach.


Turkulon position in the new world

In Everfall, Turkey can appear to the east, just above the Valle Tempus, or to the west by Emberwood.

Monarch’s Bluff

New World Monarch Bluff Turkulon Location

In Monarch’s Bluff, Turkulon has three possible positions. The first place is in the northern part of the area by Corsair’s Rise. The second is to the east of the Moonshade, and the last is in the southeast corner of the Riverset.

Down the wind

Twisted Turkulon location in the new world

Down the wind There are also three possible locations for Turkulon. Two spawn points are located west of Primrose and Grenville. The last spawn point is to the northwest bordering Stout March.

First light

New World First Light Turkulon Location

In First Light, Turkulon has three possible locations. First, it can be spawned in the east by Elder’s Bluff. Another possibility is to go to the center of the map on the other side of the bridge from Elder’s Bluff. The last place might be north of the Millberry Hills.

Cutlass key

New World Glass Key Location Turkulon

In Cutlass Keys, Turkulon has three possible spawn locations. The first location is in the southeast corner of the Rubble Shores area. The Turkulon can also appear in the regional center by Balmy Veldt. Finally, it may also appear in the north by Salty Marshes.

New world Now available on PC.

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