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Players can increase the damage of Grass-type moves in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl by giving their Pokemon the Miracle Seed item.

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Players who chose Turtwig as their starter Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl might want to find a way to increase its firepower. Some items in Pokemon worlds can affect a Pokemon’s stats during battle, while others can restore health/status effects or raise the power of moves. One item trainers can get is the Miracle Seed, which increases the damage of Grass moves. By equipping this on Turtwig, or any other Grass-type Pokemon, the damage taken from Grass-type moves is increased slightly during battle.


When Pokemon games such as Pokemon Sword / Shield had the NPC give the trainer the Miracle Seed early in the story, Brilliant diamond and Shining pearlsThe magic seed of the will not be available until later in the game. There are two ways to get the Miracle Seed, but one of the ways is guaranteed and the other is not. This is where they can be found.

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Floroma Meadow


The first Miracle Seed can be found in Floaroma Meadow. The coaches will be coming to Floroma City pretty soon Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls, but they won’t be able to get to the back of the grassland until they get the HM Surf. On the first visit, the player will unlock the Honey Tree mechanic and will forced to go to Valley Windworks to progress the story.

After receiving HM Surfing in Celetic Town and win Hearthome City Gym Badge, use the HM Fly to return to Floroma Town. Continue to correct to come Road 205. This time, instead of going to Eterna Forest, use HM Glide west of the bridge. Swim upstream and turn left to Fuego Ironworks. If the player wants to, they can go inside Fuego Ironworks and talk to Mr. Fuego to get free Flint.

Cross the river south of Fuego Ironworks to enter the northern part of Floaroma Meadow. There are many items here, including Stone Leaves and Miracle Seeds. Luckily, Pokemon won’t jump out and attack while wandering through the flowers, so give yourself plenty of time if needed.

Get the Miracle Seed from Cherubi

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The second method by which the player can obtain the Miracle Seed is to capture the Cherubi. This Pokemon only appears on Honey Trees, which means players can get Cherubi before they enter Valley Windworks if they’re lucky. Cherubi have a 70% chance to spawn on certain Honey Trees and a 20% chance to spawn on other Honey Trees. Cherubi there is a 5% chance of bringing the Miracle Seed to make it even more complicated. So, catching one doesn’t necessarily mean it will hold the Miracle Seed.

Bring a Pokemon with Frisk the ability to see if the Cherubi are holding anything to make the process a little easier. If not, the player can run away or defeat it. Or, if they want to add Cherubi to the Pokedex, they can always catch it instead.

Players who want to receive more than one Miracle Seed in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls will need to plant Miracle Seeds other than Cherubi. If they are satisfied with just one Miracle Seed and don’t mind waiting, the better option is to get that seed in Floarama Meadow.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl now available on Nintendo Switch.

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