Where to find incubators and how it works

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Breeding Pokemon is part of the game in Pokemon series is used to get Eggs. In Diamond / Pearl, trainers can pay to leave their Pokemon at Pokemon Day Care. In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls, Kindergarten has been replaced by Kindergarten. Despite the similar mechanism, there are a few differences.

Those who may want more than one Pokemon of a certain species should use the Incubator. Some Pokemon in Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls extremely rare and tedious to catch. So it will be easier to catch Pokemon and breed with other Pokemon in the same Egg Group or Ditto.


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Where & what is the Pokemon Incubator?

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl

Upon arriving at Hearthome City, the trainers won’t be able to fight Fantina until they have Tuesday and Wednesday gym badges. They would then be urged up Road 209 to Veilstone City, but there was a town between Hearthome and Veilstone.

The Pokemon Nursery is located in Solaceon Town, which are the first town trainers that will arrive before reaching Veilstone. To get there, go to Hearthome City right exit to achieve Route 209. To go North side on Route 209 to Solaceon Town.

Luckily, the Pokemon Nursery isn’t hard to find. Its house in the northeast of Solaceon next to a fenced area with Pokemon. While the Pokemon Incubator is worth a try, trainers can also visit the house to to the right of the Pokemon Center And receive Measure your heart by completing daily exercise.

Specifically, the Pokemon The incubator will allow trainers to breed two Pokemon of compatible species. Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls the player can obtain Eggs from certain NPCs (Hearthome hikers and Riley on Iron Island), but the Incubator is for those who want a specific Pokemon that doesn’t exist in the wild, or is just hard to catch.

Inside is a Pokemon Nursery Lady. She will take care of a trainer’s Pokemon for $500 Pokemon, or two Pokemon for $1,000 Pokemon. Unlike Daycare from previous generations, Pokemon are left in the Incubator won’t level up or learn new moves. So it’s completely free to bring back Pokemon from the Incubator.

Get Pokemon Eggs

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl

A Pokemon will breed with another Pokemon if they meet the following criteria:

  • One original Pokemon must be male, the other must be female.
  • OR One parent Pokemon can be male or female and the other parent Pokemon must be Ditto.
  • Both Pokemon need to share a Pool of Eggs.

Pokemon remaining in the Incubator and sharing the same trainer ID is less likely to generate Eggs. However, get the Egg Charm from Morimoto on Route 213 (after game only) Increase the chance of spawning Pokemon Eggs at the Pokemon Incubator.

Talk to the Pokemon Nursery Man standing outside the Nursery to check the Pokemon’s status or pick up an Egg (if available). If he said”They both prefer to play with other Pokemon than with each other“, then Pokemon will not generate Eggs. This happens if Pokemon same sex, no compatible egg group, or are all Ditto.

Pokemon will produce than Eggs if they are same species and have different trainer IDs. However, as long as the two Pokemon share the same Egg Pool, they will still produce Eggs, but the likelihood is much lower.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl now available on Nintendo Switch.

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