Where to find Cherrim in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are many different Pokemon available in Pokemon Legends Arceusbut one quest requires you to find the Cherubi and its evolution Cherrim.

The specific mission is to ask To Bloom or Not To Bloom, which is request number 17 in the game.

This requires you to complete a Pokedex entry for Cherrim, and that means we’ll need to figure out how to get one in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Pokémon Legend: Arceus | Trailer of the Hisui . region



Pokémon Legend: Arceus | Trailer of the Hisui . region






Who is Cherrim?

The Cherubi line was introduced in Gen IV in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with its evolution Cherrim, with the latter being able to switch between two different forms.

Cherubi and Cherrim are Pokemon Cherry and Pokemon Blossom respectively, both of which are of the Grass type.

What’s unique to Cherrim is that it comes in two forms. Its basic form is covered by a large leaf that you can’t really seem to much about. This changes

Where to find Cherrim to bloom or not to bloom

There are two ways to get a Cherrim in Pokemon Legends Arceuswith one may take less time than the other.

The first of these is to capture a Cherubi and evolve it, but that means leveling it up and waiting for it to evolve into a Cherrim.

Instead of having to do that, you can also find the Cherrim in the wild, although it doesn’t spawn anywhere as often as the Cherubi.

To find the Cherubi or possibly the Cherrim, you need to look out for the swaying trees around Hisui. When you notice a tree, remember to throw your Poke Ball and Pokemon at the tree and it will lead to a battle with the Pokemon inside it.

Cherubi are already hard enough to find in these trees, so the odds of finding a Cherrim are even less. This means you’ll have to consider if you just want to grind the plant until you find a Cherrim, or just be working on growing a Cherubi if you’re lucky and find one of them.

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