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Before finishing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, trainers can find combinations of many Pokemon from different regions in Sinnoh. Pokemon that are not part of the Sinnoh Dex won’t start appearing in the wild until much later Brilliant diamond and Shining pearlsS The story has been completed. You can then find Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn by using Poke Radar, looking for a Swarm, or exploring the Grand Underground.


Mareep and its evolutions aren’t the most powerful Pokemon, but longtime fans might recognize it as the usual trump card. used against Violet City’s gym leader, Falkner. Both Mareep and its evolution, Flaaffy, can be found at several locations in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. Fortunately, Mareep is not an exclusive version and requires no trades to reach final evolution.

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Find Mareep

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If BDSP If the player has not yet done so, obtain the National Dex from Professor Rowan. If they are missing the Pokedex entry for Palkia (Brilliant diamond) or Dialga (Shining pearls), afterward visit Cynthia’s grandmother in Celistic Town and talk to her to register Pokemon number 149/150.

With all 150 Pokemon registered in Sinnoh Dex (151 if you count Manaphy), visit Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town to get the National Dex and Poke Radar. With both of these in hand, Mareep and the other Dex-National Pokemon will start appearing in Sinnoh and the Grand Underground.

Mareep cannot be found as a random encounter in the wild. Instead ask the trainer to use Poke Radar outside Valley Windworks. Mareep has a 12% chance to appear and will be around level 8-9. If an Electric-type Pokemon has an Ability Static and is in front of the party, this increases the chance of encountering an Electric type by 50% in the area, which can make catching Mareep easier.

Those who want to skip Mareep and jump straight to Flaaffy can go Route 222 and use Poke Radar there instead. Like Mareep, Flaaffy has a 12% chance to spawn with a Poke Radar. Its level will be around 41-42.

If the coaches want a stronger Mareep (or Flaaffy), they can come Whiteout Cave, Grassland Cave, or Sunlit Cavern refuge in Grand Underground. Flaaffy is a rare creature, so it might be easier to catch Mareep. If no one is in the designated hideout, exit the room and come back.

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More information about the Mareep . line

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As electric, Mareep and its evolved forms have the same type of effect. Most of their moves are Electric Special moves, but Ampharos has the ability to learn Fire Punch and Power Gem, give it some more coverage in battle. The best stats for the Mareep series are Special Attack and Special Defense, with Speed ​​and Attack being their weakest stats.

They have the following basic stats and efficiency types:

Name Base Statistics General Statistics
Mareep HP: 55 280
Attack: 40
Defense: 40
Special attack: 65
Special defense: 45
Speed, velocity: 35
Name Base Statistics General Statistics
Flaaffy HP: 70 365
Attack: 55
Defense: 55
Special attack: 80
Special defense: 60
Speed, velocity: 45

Name Base Statistics General Statistics
Ampharos HP: 90 510
Attack: 75
Defense: 85
Special attack: 115
Special defense: 90
Speed, velocity: 55
Strength: Fly, water
Weaknesses: Soil
Resistance: Electric, Flying, Steel
Except: N / A

Ampharos has the ability to Mega Evolve to Mega Ampharos with Ampharosite, which will raise its total base stats from 510 to 610. It will gain 165 Special Attacks (base stats) compared to the regular Ampharos’ 115. often. Also, Ampharos type will change from Electric to Electric / Dragon type, allow it to reach STAB from moves like Dragon Pulse.

Without Mega Evolution, Ampharos is still a good Pokemon despite the slow Speed. A proposed Nature for Ampharos is Modesty (+ Sp.Attk, -Attk) because its higher Special Attack is higher than Attack. Despite having Physical damage moves (Fire Punch, Thunder Punch), Ampharos’ better moves are all Special. At level 65, Ampharos learns Dragon Pulse. Although it doesn’t gain STAB from Dragon Pulse like a regular Ampharos, this Dragon-type move will help it against Dragon-type Pokemon, which will counter Ampharos’s Electric-type moves.

While it doesn’t learn by leveling up, you should teach Ampharos how to move Thunderbolt over TM24. Thunderbolt has 100% accuracy and 90 power with 15PP, making it a good Electric move for a special Attacker like Ampharos and its pre-evolved forms.

Although TM25 Thunder may have higher power, its accuracy is 80%, making it harder to hit enemies. Given Ampharos’ inherently slow Speed, trainers will want it to deal as much damage as possible and make sure all of its moves hit opponents.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl now available on Nintendo Switch.

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