Where to Find and Catch Uxie

Since the first time Pokemon Game, Legendary Pokemon Usually three people. It all started more than a quarter of a century ago with the Legendary Birds, and these soon followed by the Legendary Beasts, the Legendary Titans, and in the fourth generation games the three Men. lake protection. Fifteen years on, and Uxie, Mesosystem, and Azelf once again found themselves in the spotlight after the release Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls.

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All three guardians of the lake play an important role in story of the game, although it is not until the player becomes a Sinnoh Pokemon Champion that they can catch them for themselves. Uxie is arguably the easiest of the trio to catch due to its defense, with the player being able to throw a Pokeball after a Pokeball has been thrown at it without actually worrying about their Pokemon getting knocked down. Of course, before they could catch Uxie, they needed to find it first.


Where to find Uxie in Sparkling Diamonds & Shining Pearls


Like the other two members of the Lake Guardian trio, Uxie can be found in a cave at the center of one of Sinnoh’s three great lakes. This means that players will need to make their way to Lake Acuity, to the west of Brilliant diamond & Shining pearlsthe most northerly location, Snowpoint City. Then they will use Surf Go to the lake and then go through the archway on the island in the middle.


Once inside the Acuity Cavern, the player is advised to save their game in case something goes wrong, as although there may be a second chance to capture Uxie by defeating the Elite Four again, doing so costs a lot more time than simply reloading. save file. Players should also make sure they have plenty of Ultra Balls in stock, then they can get close to Uxie and press the A button to start the battle.

How to catch Uxie in brilliant diamonds & shining pearls


Unless the player plans to use Master Ball to catch Uxie, which is said to be a huge waste, they should aim to get the Pokemon’s HP as low as possible before trying to catch it. The safest way to do this is to use False Swipe, which is guaranteed to leave the target with at least one HP away from the target. The player can purchase the move as TM 54 from the Department Store in Veilstone City, with Garchomp, Weavile, and Mew among the many Pokemon that can learn it.


People who don’t have access to False Swipe can get away with using it instead attacks are not very effective, in this case, means attacking Uxie using combat or psychic attacks. However, this strategy is a bit riskier as a critical hit can easily lead to an accidental knockout, forcing the player to reload their save file or defeat the Elite Four again for a chance. The second guild captures Uxie.


When Uxie’s HP bar is red, the player can start trying to catch it with Ultra Balls. It is possible to help put Uxie to sleep using the neurotic move Hypnotic if the player has access to it, however, thanks to Uxie’s relatively high capture rate (when compared to other Legendaries, at least), which isn’t really necessary. It may take a few tries, but eventually, players will be able to capture Uxie and add a powerful little psychic type to their Pokedex and party.

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