Where to Find and Catch Giratina

Although very little NS Platinum exclusive content finally went in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls, the game’s mascot, Giratina, still appears. With Palkia and Dialga, Giratina is one of the series’ original Creation Trio, and like its peers, boasts an impressive base stats total of 680. This, along with the ability to switch between the two. distinct form, making it one of the Strongest Legendary Pokemon in the whole Pokemon The universe.

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Unlike the original games, where the player was limited to Giratina’s Altered Forme, Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls Players will be able to switch between the two Pokemon’s forms whenever they want with the help of an item known as a Griseous Orb. Sadly, getting this orb will require them to jump through an awful lot of hoops, and will likely be the last thing most players do in the remakes. Even so, for those looking to get their hands on an Origin Forme Giratina, this probably won’t be too much of a problem.


Where to find Giratina in Sparkling Diamonds & Shining Pearls

pokemon-brilliant-diamond-shine-pearl-how-to-catch-giratina-01-return-cave entrance

To find Giratina, the player must first defeat Cynthia and then unlock the country dex by finding all the Pokemon native to the Sinnoh region. After doing so, the player should head to the newly accessible Spring Path, which is accessible by heading east from Route 214. Finally, the player will need to use Climbing to extend a wall and then have to do so again on the opposite side to go back and enter the Back Cave.


When entering the cave, players should use Defog and then will need to go from room to room and find three special pillars, entering no more than 30 rooms in the process. The layout of the cave is completely random, so it doesn’t really matter which door to choose. Even so, most tend to constantly head north, and this strategy seems to work more often than not. Players may also want to bring some Repels with them just to speed up the process, as the random encounter rate is quite high throughout the cave.

How to catch Giratina in brilliant diamonds & shining pearls


Finally, the player will face a changed Giratina. Like most Legendaries after another game, it’s level 70 and so is more likely to do some serious damage to the player’s party if they’re not careful. It also has two attacks that can make catching it a bit more difficult: Shadow Force, which makes it impossible for the player to throw a Pokeball at it and thus can force the player to use an item or move. does no damage, and Pain Split, equally divides the current HP of the two active Pokemon between them.


With this, it can be a bit difficult to keep Giratina’s HP in the red zone and so you should definitely bring a Pokemon with the ability put it to sleep if that’s an option. Of course, it’s still possible to capture Giratina while it’s still awake, but players will find themselves more beneficial to the RNG than otherwise. Whichever method you choose, players will eventually be able to capture Giratina and add it to their team.

How to Unlock Giratina’s Origin Forme in Brilliant Diamonds & Shining Pearls


Those who like Giratina’s Origin Forme will have to work quite hard as holding the Griseous Orb needed to perform the transformation is easier said than done. First, the player will obviously need to capture Giratina and then will have to make their way to Ramanas Park. There, they will need to catch all thirteen legendary Pokemon available, will require a lot of Mystery Pieces.


Once Mewtwo is captured, the blocking media exchange will start storing Distributed Vehicles which, like other vehicles, will set the player back to one of two mini-levels Mystery piece or a big one. After the trade is done, the player should go to the Distortion Room on the east side of the park and place the Distortion Shield at the Mystery Platform which will summon a level 100 Giratina,


Unfortunately, players won’t be able to catch this second Giratina and so should focus instead on knocking out. After they do, the entire room will be reversed, so will the player’s controls, and the Griseous Orb will appear in a Pokeball on the floor (now the ceiling). Then, if the player gives the orb to Giratina to hold, it will transform into its Origin Forme. Like in other games, reclaiming the orb will revert the Pokemon to its altered Fortress.

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