Where to find and catch Azelf

Fewer areas are home to more Legendary Pokemon compared to the Sinnoh region that the player can explore in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls. As well as the game’s two mascot Pokemon, Palkia and Dialga, players can encounter numerous other Legendaries after completing the game’s main story, including the fourth generation game’s very own Legends trilogy, the Guardians of the Lake.

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Uxie, Azelf, and Mesosystem features all appear at different stages in the events of Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, but it’s not until after defeating Cynthia in the Pokemon League that players can really try their hand at catching them. However, those hoping to add Azelf to their party are down to luck, as catching Pokemon Willpower is relatively easy compared to some other legendary Pokemon of the series.


Where to find Azelf in brilliant diamonds & shining pearls


Unlike its colleague, Azelf is not a roaming Pokemon, meaning players will be able to both find and capture it in a fixed location. To do so, players will need to make their way to Lake Valor, located between the cities of Pastoria, Veilstone, and Sunyshore. The fastest way to get there is to fly to the old area, then take the east exit onto Route 213. From there, the player simply needs to head north until they reach the Valor Lakefront area.


Once the player has reached Lake Valor, they will need Use Surf to reach the small island in the center of the lake. There they will find the entrance to the Valor Cavern, where Azelf is waiting. When entering the cave, players should save their game in case something goes wrong and should also ensure that they have a healthy supply of Ultra Balls in their pocket. Assuming they did, they could go to Azelf and press the A button to start a battle.

How to catch Azelf in brilliant diamonds & shining pearls


Catching Azelf isn’t too different from catch any other legendary Pokemon, with the ideal strategy of reducing its health as much as possible before throwing a Pokeball. Given that it is resistant to psychics and fighting style moves, which is definitely a good place to start, as using them will minimize the chances of accidentally knocking out a Pokemon. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if the player drained Azelf’s HP before catching it, as they could always reload their save or defeat the Elite Four again to make it respawn, but obviously is much faster to catch it on the first request.


Those looking to minimize the risk of random knocks may want to consider purchasing the TM 54 from the Veilstone City department store. As veterans of the series will know, this TM contains a False Swipe attack, which is guaranteed to leave the target with at least 1 HP. The Sleep state can also improve the player’s chances of catching Azelf. That’s still far off though, and since there are very few Pokemon that can induce sleep Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, most players tend not to mind.


When Azelf’s HP is red, the player should start throwing Ultra Balls at it until the Pokemon is caught. It can help to switch to a bulky Pokemon that is resistant to psychic attacks at this point, just to make sure the player’s active Pokemon doesn’t get killed, though provided the player doesn’t accidentally run away when asked if they want to pick another Pokemon, anyway This is just a minor annoyance. With enough time and Ultra Balls, Azelf will eventually be captured, allowing the player to add a flying Legendary to their Pokedex.

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