Where to find all Voidrunner caches in Peak Light

Solar ash To be A beautiful, open-world game that takes place in a desolate yet vibrant environment full of mystery and intrigue. Rei, the main character in Solar ash, is trying to save her planet from invasive doom while also finding out what happened to the rest of her crew. To find out where her group went, Rei has to find Voidrunner’s cache contains logs from their quests.

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In the Bright Peak area of solar ash, Rei was able to find six Voidrunner caches from the team’s resident science officer, Tufte. Finding all six of Tufte’s buffers will unlock her suit for Rei to wear in the game. Tufte’s suit comes with a passive that highlights unclaimed Voidrunner reservoirs when using Rei’s scanning ability.

6 Overlooking the Entrance

rei faces a cache atop a small roof

Upon entering Luminous Peak, the player will encounter two small islands before reaching the main area of ​​the area. On the second island, there is a small building with a checkpoint inside. Before passing through this structure, the player should look to the rock to the left for traces of the Voidrunner.

Follow the path around the outside of the island before arriving at some black, climbable goo. Use goo to reach the next level, then move on to the next platform before the boost overcomes the gap to the roof of the checkpoint building. The first Voidrunner cache can be found here.


5 Inside the Underground Lava Cave

rei is standing next to a hole at the edge of a bubbling lava lake

After passing the flying ruins in the first area of ​​Luminous Peak and activating the blue and yellow rails, the player will find themselves passing through a small cave filled with lava. In the back of this room, the player can follow another Voidrunner cache, but there’s no way to access it from here.

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Continue moving out of the cave and up the path on the left to reach the red mushroom spore shell. Continue skating across this spore shell, following the path around the center of the island, until Rei comes to a small cliff with a Voidrunner mark on it. Beneath the marker are a number of well-hidden black goo that Rei can climb on, leading down to the back entrance into the lava cave and platform with the Voidrunncer cache.

4 Building on remote island

rei on the terrace with gray and pink caching and blue holograms

After Activate the two red rails using the red spore shell on the island with the lava cave, Rei is able to reach the remote island with the smoke on it. After getting off the tracks and climbing aboard the black train onto the island’s main platform, the player can find the Voidrunner sign on the small building next to the chimney.

The glowing mushroom underneath the building will create a rail that Rei can use to jump to the top of this building, but if the player is trying to get this cache after defeating the boss, the option This will not be available. Instead, use nearby mushrooms as a pedestal to gain the height needed to reach the roof.

3 The church wall is broken

rei stands next to a church compound with the church wall floating in the background

The next Voidrunner cache can be found through Cyd’s platform and around various obstacles until Rei reaches a broken cathedral wall that serves as a platform. Slide up the wall briefly before looking to the right wall for a Voidrunner sign near a red sports box.

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The red spore shell can be found on a platform a little further away that is only accessible by doubling back. Smash the pods and slide over the spore holder to activate a rail that leads to a hidden platform with the Voidrunner cache on it.

2 Surrounded by Spikes

rei was standing facing away from a gabion on a round stone pedestal surrounded by trees and rocks

To find the Voidrunner’s next cache, Rei will need to walk up the broken church wall to get to the next area, navigating the jumps and narrow path to avoid falling into the lava. Go left when reaching the large chimney to follow another path marked by groups of plasma planets.

The Voidrunner Buffer can be detected directly in front, but it is surrounded by pressure-sensitive spikes. Rei will need to skim through the cache while avoiding both the spikes and the Remnant to reach and destroy the red bulb to remove the spikes. Slide back along the path to confirm the Voidrunner cache.

first Protected by Ruins

rei is facing a hole at the edge of a lava river with a red plasma ball floating in front of it

The last Voidrunner cache in Bright Peak can be found at the edge of a lava lake at the highest point in the area. Follow the path from Cyd’s platform to the end to reach the lake, but getting there is the easy part.

Slide across the far right corner of the area to find the first grapple point that leads to a wall covered in black. Kill any nearby enemies, then climb to the top of the pillar and grapple to the goo’s next location. From here, use the time slip ability to reach the next grapple point and double jump to throw Rei around wall and grapple again to get to the next goo point.

Destroy the Remnant beam on this turret before quickly wrestling between the two mid-air grapple points to avoid Remnant’s next attack. When at the next goo wall, defeat the remnants with a few attacks from Rei’s weapon, then jump off the column to claim the last Voidrunner buffer without interruption.

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