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Cargo carrier is a mode of transport found in Mahag Saar. Once you’ve conquered The Wedge, a late-game dungeon, you can return to Hidden Wharf and the Cargo Freighter will be available for shipping.

Using a freight machine, you will be able to access a number of locations, some of which are not accessible through regular rapid transit.

The getaway destinations that you will be able to visit while traveling on a cargo ship are as follows:

  • Wedge
  • Uninhabited island
  • The Ocean (Fishing spot, otherwise inaccessible)

How to find a freight forwarder

Cargo Carrier Map Location / Tales of Arise
Cargo carrier location map

You will naturally meet the freighter by continuing through the main story. It was first encountered after the end of the Mahag Saar arc.

However, in its first appearance, it only acts as a fixture – and you won’t be able to freely choose your destination at this stage.

It was found when entering the Hidden Wharf, a location in the Mahag Saar kingdom.

You’ll quickly be taken out to sea as part of the main story, leading up to the introduction of the fifth and final area, the kingdom of God.

Note: You will not be able to return to Hidden Wharf for a short time in this part of the game.

Finally, the freighter will again prove useful later in the story for accessing The Wedge. After clearing that dungeon, the cargo carrier was actually accessible.

How to use Cargo Carrier

Fishing at sea, on a cargo ship / Tales of Arise
Fishing at sea, on cargo ships

The main use of the cargo ship is for its unique fishing position.

Carriers can be sent out into the open sea to catch several types of fish, including the boss fish, the Silver Marlin. The Silver Marlin is considered one of the hardest fish to catch in the game – but this is the spot to do it.

The complete list of fish species available in the open sea is listed below:

  • Vesper sea bass
  • Grouper Sardonyx
  • Garnet Sea Bream
  • Blueback Tuna
  • Mahag Saar Barracuda
  • Silver Marlin
Kisara proudly stands in front of a Blueback Tuna / Tales of Arise
Kisara proudly stands on a Blueback Tuna

After the party reaches Rena, a second location will be unlocked via the freighter.

This is Desert islandincluding a second fishing spot.

The types of fish that can be caught here are:

  • Vesper sea bass
  • Sea mackerel Tsuyukusa
  • Mahag Saar . flatfish
  • Zesti Grouper
  • Barracuda gluttonous fish

Note: To get to Uncharted Island in the first place, you’ll need to do the side quest ‘Beyond the Grave’. Once you have started the mission and received the necessary items to give to the cargo captain, the option to travel to the island becomes available.

The Undiscovered Island / Tales of Arise
Uncharted Island

Finally, the freighter can also come in handy when making The Wedge dungeon for the first time.

This is because it’s a rather long part of the game, with lots of tough enemies and a pretty tough boss fight at the end. Therefore, you may run out of supplies if you happen to enter this dungeon unprepared.

Luckily, the captain of the cargo ship will hover around the entrance of The Wedge, so you can ask him to take you back to the mainland. From there, it’s very easy to replenish your gel and bottles before heading back to the dungeon.

Cargo mover at The Wedge / Tales of Arise
The freighter’s destination, at The Wedge.

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