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In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, you can use the VS. Seeker by talking to the purple-haired NPC in the Vermilion City Pokémon Center. She’ll just keep telling you how much she likes fighting trainers before giving you the item.

the VS Item Description of the Seeker / Pokemon FRLG
the VS Item description of the seeker

You will first get access to the VS. Seeker after clearing the SS Anne, getting Cut and defeating Misty.

After completing the requirements, your next task is to travel to Vermilion City.

Step 1: Reaching Vermilion City

Stands outside of Diglett's Cave, south of Pewter City / Pokemon FRLG
Stands outside of Diglett’s Cave, south of Pewter City

To get to Vermilion City, simply go to Diglett’s Cave just below Pewter City. As you can see there will be a small tree in your way so you must be able to use HM 01 Cut.

Once inside, you can just walk through Diglett’s Cave with no problems or barriers.

Alternatively, you can travel to Vermilion by going south from Cerulean City. This will take you through an underground tunnel that connects to Route 6. South of this route is your entrance to Vermilion City.

Step 2: The Vermilion City Pokémon Center

Outside the Vermilion City Pokémon Center / Pokemon FRLG
Outside the Vermilion City Pokémon Center

Once in Vermilion City, just go to the Pokémon Center and talk to the purple-haired NPC (pictured below).

Talk to the NPC that gives the VS. Seeker / Pokemon FRLG
Talk to the NPC that gives the VS. viewfinder

She’ll often tell you how much she loves fighting trainers (who doesn’t?) and then give you the VS. viewfinder.

She won’t even get you to answer a yes or no question for the item.

Using the VS. viewfinder

the VS Seeker lets you battle trainers you’ve already defeated in the past.

Usage is simple:

Open your bag and use the item near trainers you’ve already defeated. Exclamation marks will appear above the trainers’ heads and you can talk to them to start a fight.

Exclamation mark over trainers who can be fought again (after using VS. Seeker) / Pokemon FRLG
Exclamation mark over trainers who can be re-fighted (after using VS. Seeker)

the VS Seeker is a great way to farm EVs and train your Pokémon through battles.

Of course, you cannot spam the VS. seeker without end. After using it, it needs to be charged a little before you can use it again.

the VS Seeker low battery warning / Pokemon FRLG
the VS Seeker warning that the battery is not fully charged

Conveniently, the game will tell you the exact number of steps you need to take to charge the VS. viewfinder.

So all you have to do is walk around a bit and you can challenge anyone your heart desires.

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