Where Do Future Chests Get Their Swords?

Future Trunks is one of those Dragon Ball most popular characters, although playing a relatively smaller role than other characters favorite like Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. The time-traveling Saiyan made a great first impression on the fan base when he easily cut the majestic Frieza in half. Trunks’ sword becomes his most prominent feature, as no one in the series has actually incorporated the weapon into their combat.

Even though the sword breaks in Trunks’ first encounter with Android 17 & 18 in the main timeline, it’s still one of the Dragon Ball most iconic weapon. At that time Trunks come back super he has earned a newer, stronger sword. The exact origins of the sword can be a bit muddy as it is usually covered in expandable material. Here’s a look at where and how Future Trunks obtained his sword.


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Future Trunks ‘Sword


The manga and anime never actually mention how Future Trunks obtained his sword. All fans know is that the sword was given to Trunks before he time traveled. Give a way feel comfortable with it in battle, it’s clear that Trunks has had a good weapon for a while.

Future Trunks uses Dragon Balls to repair swords in ‘s arcade mode Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, claiming that it had been gifted to him by someone close to him. This presents two possibilities, although both theories have flaws.

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Some fans think that Future Gohan gave the sword to Future Trunks during his later training. This makes sense, as Future Trunks is first seen wielding a sword when he fights alongside Future Gohan. This seems to have been confirmed in the game Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, when Future Trunks tells Gohan that it was his Future self that gave him the weapon. But the series has always offered conflicting evidence as to the origin of the sword, and it’s hard to believe the validity of anything from games that haven’t been direct adaptations. source material.

Some fans pointed at the sword that Gohan received during his training with Piccolo evidence that he was the one who gave Trunks his sword, asserting that the two were the same. While this would be a very poetic answer, nothing directly stated or suggested in this series supports the theory. The most notable difference between the two swords is their shape. Both Gohan’s Sword and Future Trunks’ Sword have distinct differences, with Gohan looking more like a Roman sword, and Future Trunks’ more like a longsword.

Brave Sword


Another prominent theory about the origin of Future Trunks’ sword comes from one of the movies. At the end of Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, Trunks was given the Brave Sword by Tapion. Both look very similar, but it’s unlikely they’re the same weapon. In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Tapion is said to have given the sword to Future Trunks, but this is again amiss compared to the manga and anime.

Trunks and Trunks’ lives in the future are very different thanks to the former having traveled back in time. Just because something happened to Trunks in the main timeline, it doesn’t mean something similar happened to Trunks in the future. Like almost Dragon ball movie, Wrath of the dragon not canon compared to manga and anime adaptations. Even though an adult Trunk wields the Sword of Bravery in GT, The TV-only series itself isn’t considered canon, making this just another fan theory.

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