Where can I get Nagadus Emeralds?

in the genshin Impact, There are elemental gems for each element. These gems are used to level up characters with a matching vision. For Dendro characters, the necessary elemental gem is Nagadus Emerald.

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Like all elemental gems, Nagadus Emerald comes in four grades. In ascending order, these are shards, fragments, chunks, and finally gems. These gems can be found in a variety of ways, which we will outline here.

What characters use Nagadu’s Emerald in Genshin Impact

At the moment there are only two owners of Dendro Vision Genshin Impact. The element only became playable when Sumeru was released.


Here are the quality levels they need at each level of advancement:

ascension level character level Required Gem
1 20 3x splitter
2 40 3x fragment
3 50 6x fragment
4 60 3x chunks
5 70 6x chunks
6 80 6x Gem

There are currently two characters that have Dendro Visions and therefore use Nagadu’s Emerald:

Bosses that drop Nagadu’s Emerald in Genshin Impact

Most elemental gems can be farmed by defeating bosses, as this is the most efficient way to earn them in decent amounts.

Unfortunately only one boss is currently able to reward Nagadu’s Emerald:

The higher the boss’s level, the better his gem drops can be, as shown here:

world level boss level gems
0+ 36+ splinters
2+ 41+ fragments
4+ 62+ hunk
6+ 83+ gems

Trounce domains that drop Nagadu’s Emerald in Genshin Impact

There are currently no Trounce Domain bosses that have Nagadus Emerald as a reward. This will likely change soon.

If that’s the case, these should theoretically be the tiers at which each tier of quality can be achieved:

gems domain levels
splinters I, II, III, IV
fragments I, II, III, IV
hunk II, III, IV
gems III, IV

Other ways to get Nagadu’s Emerald in Genshin Impact

Aside from fighting bosses, there are a few additional methods to earn Nagadus Emerald, although these aren’t always as reliable.

Daily Commissions

Every day the player receives four daily quests from the Adventurers’ Guild. After completing all four, they can go to each branch and get some bonuses from Katheryne.

These rewards usually include some elemental gem shards. Unfortunately which ones are random and they’re just shards, the lowest quality. But normally players should be completing their daily commissions for the primogems anyway, so the elemental slivers are a free bonus.


By going to and using a craft bench, players can upgrade gems from lower quality to higher quality tiers. This works in a 3:1 ratio as follows:

ingredients mora product
3x splitter + 300 = 1x fragment
3x fragment + 900 = 1x chunk
3x chunks + 2,700 = 1x Gem


Aside from crafting lower tier gems into better qualities, a crafting bench can also be used to transmute one element’s gems into another. To do this, the player needs some dust of azoth, which can be purchased at Paimon’s Bargains.

This is how much Dust of Azoth it takes to convert each gem tier from one element to another:

gem level Dust of Azoth required
splinters 1
fragment 3
hunk 9
gem 27

Nagadus Emeralds can be made from Varunada Lazurite, Vajrada Amethyst, Vayuda Turquoise, Shivada Jade, Prithiva Topaz, or Agnidus Agate.

Event Rewards

The last way to find elemental gems is to participate time-limited events. Most events offer a reward shop or direct rewards for completing specific challenges within the time period.

Often these event rewards can contain limited amounts of elemental gems.

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