When Will Part 2 Premiere?

Today you have the power to watch more He-Man. At long last, Netflix has debuted the first half of its sequel series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Though it starts with a major twist, Kevin Smith has brought back all your favorite characters for 10 episodes of non-stop action.

If you’re anything like us then you’ve already fought through Masters of the Universe: Revelation‘s first five episodes. Want more? Here’s everything we know about the future of this show.

When Will Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 Premiere?

At the moment it’s unclear when the second half of the new Masters of the Universe will premiere. Typically when Netflix  divides seasons into two parts, there are only a few months between Parts 1 and 2. Based on that, it’s possible that we may see Part 2 as early as late 2021.

How Many Episodes Are in Masters of the Universe: Revelation?

Altogether there are 10 episodes in this first season. That’s all the Castle Grayskull lore we’re getting for now. Netflix has yet to renew the series for a second season. But don’t fret yet. Masters of the Universe: Revelation just premiered, and it typically takes Netflix a couple of months to decide if it’s going to continue a series. We likely won’t know the fate of Season 2 until after all the episodes in Season 1 have premiered, but based on early reviews, the fate of this show looks promising.

How Did Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 End?

The secret is out by now. Most people know that Masters of the Universe: Revelation starts with the deaths of He-Man (Chris Wood) and Skeletor (Mark Hamill). But the end of Part 1 features another huge twist.

Sorceress (Susan Eisenberg) told Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) that the only way to save the magic of this world was to retrieve the two different blades that can transform into the Sword of Power. That meant going to down to the demonic realm of Subternia. After begrudgingly accepting her destiny, Teela faced off against a foe named Scare Glow (Tony Todd,) who honestly looked like a swole version of Skeletor. You know what wasn’t very Skeletor? Scare Glow’s power to use a person’s own fears against them. This horrible trick forced Teela to confront her own bitterness over Prince Adam’s death.

Eventually the team defeated Scare Glow, but it came at a cost. Orko (Griffin Newman) sacrificed himself to destroy the demon. You will be missed, old friend. As they continued their journey they found the gate to Preternia, a realm filled with the souls of fallen heroes. You know what that means. Yes, He-Man, aka Prince Adam, came back.

Together Prince Adam and Teela used Roboto’s Quark particle collider to reforge the Sword of Power. That’s when Prince Adam made another huge sacrifice. He agreed to leave Preternia forever so that he could return to Eternia and restore magic to the universe. Basically, in Episode 1 He-Man gave up his life for the universe, and in Episode 5 he gave up his afterlife. That’s one noble hero.

That return came in the knick of time. While Prince Adam was in Eternia, Skeletor was hiding in Evil-Lyn’s (Lena Headey) staff. By the time Prince Adam returned from the dead, Skeletor came back as well, and this time he was superpowered to the max. Masters of the Universe: Revelation‘s final episode ended with Skeletor having impaled Prince Adam (to death? again?) and becoming the… Wait for it… Master of the Universe. Get ready for Part 2 to address that chilling cliffhanger.

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