When is Dan Walker leaving BBC Breakfast?

Sally Nugent’s co-host has presented BBC Breakfast for the last time – and has now been advised to be replaced by another BBC present

Dan Walker told viewers he had “no idea” who would replace him on the BBC Breakfast red sofa when he last hosted the show in May 2022.

On his last day, the presenter also revealed he had to host his last show after just over two hours of sleep because he stopped at a petrol station on the evening of May 16 on his way to Salford where the BBC Breakfast is being filmed had to stop to charge his electric car.

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Although it’s been a few days since Walker presented his last show, it’s still not known who will replace him in the long term.

Ever since Walker first took to Twitter to tell fans he was leaving the BBC and joining Channel 5 in April, viewers have been wondering who will take on the coveted role.

So what has Dan Walker Tell Twitter what he said about his move to Channel 5, when was his last day on BBC Breakfast and who could replace him?

Here’s everything you need to know.

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker has announced he will be leaving the show to present rival news program 5 News.

When did Dan Walker leave BBC Breakfast?

Dan Walker announced on Tuesday 3rd May that his last day presenting the BBC Breakfast will be Tuesday 17th May.

Speaking to co-host Sally Nugent on this edition of the show, he said, “May 17th is my last day, so two weeks today.”

Nugent said, “That’s not a lot of layers anymore, is it?”

Walker replied: “Well, if you pull that one off because we’re at it, it’s only six.”

Nugent replied, “That’s not a lot of early warning calls.”

Referring to the fact that he gets up at 3am so he’s ready to start presenting the BBC Breakfast at 6am, Walker said: “I know. Six more three o’clock and then I’m out of here.”

Nugent then asked Walker if it was nice for him to know he was getting more sleep.

He replied, “It’s nice, but as I explained to you, it’s also a pretty big decision and a sad one too.”

Nugent interjected, “Yeah Daniel I know it’s okay, we’ve talked a lot about it. It’s good.”

Walker then thanked viewers who had said “nice things” to him since announcing he was leaving the show.

“The other thing to say is thank you to everyone who sent so many lovely messages. A lot of people want to talk to you about this program, it means a lot to a lot of people.

“It reminded me how special this show is and how much everyone who sees it loves it. Thank you for everyone who came and said some nice things.”

What did Dan Walker say on Twitter about his last day?

The moderator took his on his personal twitter page in the early morning hours of May 17 to express his anticipation of his last day.

In a video posted just after 5.20am showing Walker on his final stroll to the BBC Breakfast Studios, he said he was enjoying his final day.

He said, “Good morning. Here we go, last walk to BBC breakfast. You can see it’s a glorious morning here in Salford.

“I’m armed with cake for the brilliant Breakfast team who have been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past six years.

“Hopefully it will be a fun day. There is a lot of talk today, there is a lot of big news. We also have some great guests on the show so I’ll enjoy the last one.”

Why did Dan Walker leave BBC Breakfast?

Walker’s last day at BBC Breakfast comes just weeks after he responded to reports his channel change was motivated by money.

He said: “It is often the case that the simple truth is much more boring than all the made-up ‘moles’ and so-called ‘sources’ claim.

“In short … a man with a really good job that he loved was offered a really good job somewhere else that offered an amazing new challenge and a chance to do exciting television. The guy explained to his current employers that although it was a difficult decision, he decided to leave.

“They are now trying their best to give him a dignified exit. Nice Monday. I’m going for a toast.”

Walker also told Nugent on the red sofa earlier this month that he was “never motivated by money” in any job he’s had.

Who will replace Dan Walker?

Various people have been asked to replace Walker on the BBC breakfast sofa, although the BBC has yet to make an official announcement on who his replacement will be.

The BBC has published a job advert for a breakfast presenter – suggesting the job may not be taken by someone already working at the BBC – although fans and bookies believe it’s more likely that a current BBC presenter will be given the post .

Viewers were quick to share their thoughts on who they think should take the role on Twitter.

Many seem to be suggesting BBC journalists and presenters Jon Kay and Ben Thompson, who both sometimes present the breakfast programme, could deserve the role.

Walker himself appeared to support Kay as his replacement on Twitter.

In response to a tweet from Kay wishing him luck in his new job, Walker replied: “Thanks Jon. That’s so sweet of you. PS If I had one, you would get my vote.”

Walker then said live at his final show that he had “no idea” who would take over.

He added, “I hope they care about the programming, I hope they care about the people they work with and I hope they care about the viewers too.”

Kay and Thompson aren’t the only BBC presenters who Twitter users have said would love to replace Walker on the BBC breakfast sofa.

Others have said they would like to see BBC Breakfast sports presenter Mike Bushell or BBC Breakfast business presenter Nina Warhurst take over the post.

Other names rumored to be replacing Walker include among others AJ OduduLaura Tobin, Jermaine Jenas and Matt Baker.

What does the job advertisement say?

The BBC Careers team posted a job ad on Twitter on May 10, looking for Walker’s replacement.

The tweet reads: “BBC Breakfast has been a staple of viewers’ mornings across the country for over 20 years. We’re looking for a new chief presenter to wake up the nation on our iconic red sofa.”

Walker re-tweeted the ad on his own Twitter page with the caption, “This is brilliant work done by brilliant people, please mind the sofa.”

Walker later posted another tweet about the job offer on his Twitter page about the role with the witty caption, “Who on earth would be stupid enough to leave a job like this? Get your resume polished.”

Interested parties have until May 24 to apply. Visit the BBC careers website for more information.

What did Dan Walker say about his channel move?

On Monday, April 4th, the presenter’s video was posted to Twitter and said he was leaving BBC Show after six years and moving to Channel 5 to succeed Sian Williams.

In a video first posted on the Channel 5 official Twitter page Just after 3pm on Monday, April 4, Walker can be seen speaking directly into the camera and saying the decision was “massive” for him.

In the video, Walker said, “Hi, Dan Walker here. I have a little news for you. In the next few weeks I will be leaving BBC Breakfast and moving to 5 News and Channel 5.

“I’m really excited but this was also a tough decision for me because I love BBC Breakfast. But Channel 5 came with big ambitions, big plans and I don’t think opportunities like this come along very often and I can’t wait.”

Walker, who was also the presenter of BBC One’s Focus football from 2009 to 2021, he further said that besides 5 News, he will also present other programs on the channel.

He said, “What I love about this deal is that not only can I present the news, but I can also host a whole host of new programs across the channel.”

No further details have been released about what these programs will be.

What did Dan Walker say about Sian Williams and how did she react to it?

Walker, who finished fifth in the 2021 series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, also used the video announcement to praise fellow broadcaster and ex-BBC breakfast presenter Sian Williams.

Sian, who presented BBC Breakfast from 2001 to 2012 when the program’s production team relocated to Salford, has been the main presenter of 5 News since 2016.

However, she announced in March that she was leaving the role as her final day was Thursday, March 31.

In his video, Walker said: “What an honor to step into the shoes of Sian Williams.

“I know how popular she is, both with the team and with the crowd, so all I can say is that I will do my best to keep her incredibly high level.”

She said: “Dan Walker, welcome to your new home. I know what it’s like to move from the BBC breakfast sofa to the Channel 5 newsroom, I absolutely loved it and I think you will too.

“Enjoy and good luck.”

She ended the video by blowing a kiss to the camera.

When will Dan Walker start presenting 5 News?

It has not yet been announced when Walker will start presenting Channel 5 News, but he did say he knows when he will officially take up the post.

In a video posted to his personal Twitter page on Tuesday May 24, he said he knew when he would officially start at Channel 5 News but couldn’t say when that would be.

He said: “The first few days at the new job and it’s quite nice here. They are all lovely. I looked around the studio [and] met everyone in the office.

“Also, I logged my new email into the system, which is always exciting, and was immediately thrown into the dark because I got an email saying I was a security risk. Once that’s resolved, I’ll be able to send emails from my new account.

“A lot of people ask when I actually start. I can’t tell you. I know, but I’ll have to wait until it’s officially announced and then I can wahoo and look forward to seeing you on TV.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I miss everyone at the BBC but this is a new life now. See you soon.”

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