When did Elrond founded Rivendell?

Rivendell is inhabited by many elves, among them Elrond and his daughter Arwen. Since it is inhabited by elves, Rivendell has a timeless quality for many people Lord of the Rings fan. It seems that it should always exist in Middle-earth and always will be. However, some fans may wonder when Rivendell was founded and what led to its founding. To understand the answers to these questions, it is important to know the history of Middle-earth, and how Elrond and Sauron appeared in that history.

Elrond is, much Lord of the Rings As fans may know, quite old even for a house elf. He was born in The First Era of Middle-earth with his parents Eärendil and Elwing. Elrond also has a twin brother Elros. Both brothers are given a choice: they can live as men or Elves. Elrond, of course, chose to live the life of the Elves. However, Elros had another choice. He chose to be one of the races of Man and became the first King of Númenor.


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Since Elrond chose to be an Elf, he has become the captain and messenger of Elven King Gil-galad, High King of Ñoldor. Gil-galad was the one who sent Elrond to Eregion in the Second Age in 1695 to protect it from Sauron’s forces. Unfortunately, Elrond and the other Elves arrived too late. Nor were they a large enough army to actually defend the area from Sauron’s army. Because of this, Elrond retreated north with refugees from Eregion, including Celeborn, who had married, when Lord of the Rings fans meet him, go to Galadriel.

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Elrond, Celeborn and the rest of the Elves only manage escape from Sauron’s army as Durin III’s forces attacked Sauron in the rear. Then, over the next two years, Elrond founded Rivendell near the Misty Mountains. Rivendell became a sanctuary and stronghold for Elrond and the other Elves. And indeed for anyone not on the side of Sauron in Middle-earth. For four years, Sauron’s forces attacked Rivendell.

Fortunately, the Númenóreans arrived and help Elrond defeat Sauron’s forces, At least temporarily. Gil-galad, the Elven King also helps. Between the armies of Elrond, Gil-galad, and the Númenórean forces, Rivendell was saved. Later, Elrond held the first White Council in Rivendell. There, Rivendell will remain the last stronghold west of the Misty Mountains and the Three Rings of the Elves will remain hidden. It is possible that Gil-galad, after the White Council, gave Elrond Vilya, one of the Three Rings of the Elves. It is also possible that Gil-galad kept both Vilya and Narya until the end of the Second Age.

Another important thing happened at this White Council meeting. This meeting was attended by Galadriel, and there, Elrond first met his daughter Celebrían, who later became his wife. Rivendell was really important before War of the Ring. During the War of the Last League of Elves and Men, the Elves traveled from Rivendell to Mordor. This war, as Lord of the Rings fans know, ending with Sauron being temporarily defeated and the ring in his possession. Isildur took the One Ring from Sauron, although Elrond tried to convince him to throw it at Mount Doom.

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Unfortunately, Isildur refused and Elrond returns to Rivendell after the war ended. In the Third Age, in 109, Elrond and Celebrían married. inside Lord of the Rings book, they had three children: twin sons Elladan and Elrohir and later Arwen. inside Lord of the Rings film, however, Elladan and Elrohir are not actually mentioned. Rivendell is also important in that it is where Aragorn grew up. Elrond adopted him after his father died, naming him Estel, which means hope in Sindarin. Aragorn grew up unaware of his fate and his royal bloodline until he was an adult when Elrond told him.

Rivendell is also a sanctuary for all those who oppose Sauron. Indeed, Bilbo, Thorin Oakenshield, and the rest of their company stayed there for a while on their way to recapture the Lonely Mountain from the dragon Smaug. While they were there, Elrond helped them translate the Moon Inscription on Thorin’s map. Of course, Rivendell is also very important in the events of Lord of the Rings. At the Council of Elrond in Rivendell, the Society of the Shinobi was formed, and Frodo himself volunteered to bring the Ring to Mount Doom.

Elrond lives in Rivendell until One Ring and Sauron are all destroyed. Then he went to Minas Tirith for two reasons, at least in Lord of the Rings book, to give the Scepter of Annúminas to Aragorn, who is now King. And to give to his daughter Arwen in marriage to Aragorn. The following also happens in Lord of the Rings film. On September 29, 3021, Elrond left Middle-earth for Immortal Land with other Goblin Ring bearers. Rivendell is then left blank. But at least it was a real sanctuary and stronghold for those who opposed Sauron, for as long as it existed.

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