‘Wheel of Time’: Is That Really What People Supposedly Looking Like A Lover?

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If there is such a thing Wheel of time fans can agree after watching Episode 5, “Blood Calls Blood” which is Hammed Animashaun beat it out of the park playing Loial, son of Arent son of Halan. The gentle, book-loving Ogier is one of the most beloved characters in all of Robert Jordan’s books, and Animashaun captures the spirit of the character so well. One thing Wheel of time Fans are divided, though? Loial’s look inside Main video only. The character is depicted as being the same height as Rand al’Thor (Josha Stradowski), with curly ginger hair, a flat nose, and fairly normal-looking ears. Maybe he looks good to you, but Wheel of time Readers may disagree.

Therefore Candlestick Wheel of time Fans annoyed by Loial’s description in Prime Video’s Wheel of time? Or is this one of those cases where the fandom of the book has decided a character looks in some way that is far from the author’s intention.

Amazon’s Wheel of time is a lovely adaptation of the 14+ book series of the same name by Robert Jordan. In Wheel of time In Episode 5, we follow Rand and his ailing best friend Mat (Barney Harris) as they arrive in the city of Tar Valon. After checking out an inn for a getaway, Rand visits the library, where he encounters an odd-looking person he initially mistook for Trolloc. In fact, it was an Ogier named Loial. Ogiers are creatures from The Wheel of Time that often inhabit forest-like communities known as Steddings. In the past, they were considered the architects and engineers behind the world’s greatest cities, buildings, and wonders. Loial is a particularly adventurous Ogier. He left home to travel the world and learn. That’s how he met Rand in Tar Valon of Everywhere.

Loial and Rand meeting in the library in The Wheel of Time
Photo: Prime Video

So what exactly does Loial look like? See Robert Jordan’s first written description of the character in Chapter 36 “Web of the Pattern” in The eye of the world:

“Later [Rand] to the top almost reaching the ten-foot-high ceiling. A nose as wide as the face, so wide that it resembles a muzzle rather than a nose. His eyebrows were lowered like a tail, and the edges of his pale eyes were as big as a tea cup. The ears perked up over the shaggy black mane… Rand sat there for a minute, mouth gaping, staring at the apparition in knee-high boots and a dark blue coat buttoned from neck to waist. back, then flared up to his boots like a kilo over baggy trousers. In his hand was a book, seemingly tiny for a finger, with one finger wide enough for three people to mark the place. “

How does Amazon’s Loial version compare? Well, he has “knee-wide boots”. I’m not mad about his jacket being a different color. His book and his fingers? Correct. The nose is quite wide, but could be wider. Personally, I see some big differences in regards to long eyebrows, big eyes, floppy ears, and shaggy black hair. TV show Loial bent Fraggle Rock normal hair, eyes (which I can also let go of) and no drooping ears.

I just don’t know. I just didn’t know about this when looking at Loial! I think at least there should be ears happening, people!!!

While I can’t help but care about Loial’s ears, one thing I have to say is that Hammed Animashaun killed it in his debut performance on Time wheel. He fully embodies the character’s natural kindness, curiosity and nobility and I can’t wait to see more. (And by “more,” I mean Loial’s ears. Okay, okay, I’ll stop whining…)

In the end, what matters is not what Loial looks like, but how the character’s spirit is brought to life. And Hamme d Animashaun and the team behind Amazon Wheel of time have done that.

Where to go live? Wheel of time

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