What will happen from Apex Legends in 2022

Since the surprise release in February 2019, Apex Legends has become one of the more dominant shooters in the video game market. Thanks to constant updates, new content is added to each section and more, Apex Legends Continuity is a talking point in the game community. That won’t change for the foreseeable future, and 2022 could be an impactful year for the battle royale game.

2021 sees more Legends, new guns, and the biggest map ever. However, 2022 is available all of that and also new versions of Apex Legendsmuch requested feature additions and maybe even more emphasis on Titanfall. 2021 is a great year for Apex Legendsbut amazing changes and additions will also take place in 2022.


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Apex Legends PS5 and Xbox Series Versions X

apex Legends ps5 xbox series x

One of the big additions is coming this year for Apex Legends is the version for PS5 and Xbox Series X. It’s been almost a year and a half since Respawn confirmed that they were working on a then “next-gen” version of the game. Apex Legends. Since then, consoles have launched, and even those who are enjoying the game on current-gen consoles are playing the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Recently, there was a rumor that PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Apex Legends will come early.

Respawn shared that the 120 FPS version of Apex Legends for the new console is “high priority”, which means it will be one of the big features players can look forward to. Time will tell if the 4K version is part of the upgrade, but fast-paced multiplayer titles tend to focus on framerate over resolution, if at all possible. Many upgraded versions of “last generation” games have performance modes and quality modes. The focus seems to have been on performance, but there’s definitely a lot Apex Legends players will be satisfied with that.

The release of Apex Legends Mobile

mobile apex legend

Another thing that will probably appear in 2022 is Mobile version of Apex Legends. Although not a lot was known at the end of last year, but last year it was revealed that the mobile version of the game will be a separate and new version. Apex Legends. The move to create a mobile-only version of Apex Legends is an interesting thing. On the other hand, this means there will most likely be no cross-play or cross-platform play, as the console/PC version of Apex Legends It would be a completely different game. On the other hand, the mobile-specific aspect of the game will allow a level playing field, and it will allow countless new players to dive into the experience on a level playing field.

Mobile games have come a long wayand competitors of Apex Legends created “on-the-go” versions of their popular shooters, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile. There’s a chance Apex Legends Mobile– was in closed beta for a while – became a huge hit. Additionally, it will bring a whole new revenue opportunity for Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends Season 12-15, New Legends, New Weapons, New Maps in 2022

Apex Legends Bonsai map location.

At the beginning of each new season, a new Legend (and often a new weapon) is added to the mix. In fact, the new season 12 character “Mad Maggie”, an old friend of Fuse, has been confirmed. Also, there’s always a rumor that Titanfall Blisk characters will join the battle, as well as various unconfirmed characters/data leaks such as Jericho and Husaria.

Terms Apex Legends weapon, speculation is now harder than ever. All major weapons from Titanfall is currently in battle royale mode, whether it’s a weapon that’s part of the game or a gun that was added in seasonal updates. Fans can no longer guess that Volt or CAR SMG is coming Apex Legends, because they already have. But more guns will be added. And in terms of weapon variety, it makes sense if a shotgun was added to the mix, as it’s the only weapon that hasn’t received a new addition since launch. Seasonal updates will also bring new jumps and perhaps a new piece of gear.

Apex Legends launched with the Kings Canyon map in 2019. That same year, World’s Edge was added in October 2019. In November 2020, the Olympus map joined in Apex Legends fun. And most recently, Storm Point (currently the largest map in the game), was dropped with Season 11 in November 2021. With various updates, many maps will undergo changes . Sometimes new points of interest are added and sometimes the map undergoes a complete geographic change. It’s fun to play on “remixed” versions of older maps, the new additions can add a lot to the experience. So far, a new map has been added at the end of each year. That will likely continue into 2022.

Nerfs and Buffs of Apex Legends Characters in 2022

Unlucky Apex Legends Player Killed By Arc Star For Stuck With Crypto Drone

The continuous support of Apex Legends help keep it alive. Along with the new additions, the Remake team also takes time to tweak the Legends and their place in the game, usually early in the season. Fans have requested a Love Crypto in Apex Legends For a very long time. It would be a safe assumption that this is finally the year Crypto gets an upgrade and maybe even an overhaul. Mirage fans have long been hoping for tweaks, including a fix for a glitch that caused the decoy to die on its own, as well as a passive upgrade to allow him to become invisible while even respawning himself. Characters like Rampart and Revenant can also be edited, thanks to the low pick rate.

Top five Legends are most used in Apex Legends are Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound, Pathfinder and Valkyrie. Respawn typically takes its data to determine if a Legend needs to be tweaked. So it’s certainly possible that some of the most used Legends will be nerfed to bring them back into the pool, as the overall goal is for the Legends to be as level a playing field as possible.

Apex Legends Cross-Platform Progress and Other Features

cross evolution of vertex legend

Back in 2020, Respawn shared that they are looking into cross-platform development for Apex Legends. One of the big reasons the game continues to be so successful is due to its cross-platform play functionality. Playing on consoles with or against PC players for example, the idea that one can’t progress from platform to platform is a bit silly.

This functionality has not been added yet, as Respawn has shared that there are issues. It’s a huge challenge not only to allow the game to progress on a single save (whether someone’s switching from Switch to PC to PS5), but also to find a way to merge everything into a single save that the player already has. unlock.

In August 2021, Respawn shared that the team is committed to cross-platform development for Apex Legends, despite the hiccups of development. It’s likely that the feature will be ready and added to the game at some point this year. About other features, fans asked Respawn to add kill cam Apex Legendsand 2022 could be the year it gets into the game. Also, a 2D mission after the replay action, like that of Turtle Rock Studios Evolution already, would be an incredible addition. It will showcase what every team has done on the map, how to rotate, and what could possibly have been done differently.

Potential new Apex Legend game mode

Players traverse caves on the Arenas Habitat map while holding a Volt SMG

In the year 2021, Apex Legends Not just a battle royale game. Arena mode has been added to the game as a permanent mode, allowing teams of three to battle each other in ring action with each player choosing their load times. The mode has been generally well received, but fans are hoping for more. Had tease from Respawn about new objective modes in Apex Legendsand the new Control LTM has been confirmed, but more in the future could be very exciting.

The introduction of game modes such as domination, king of the hill and capture the chess could introduce a whole new way of playing Apex Legends. Respawn can block and use specific areas of pre-made battle royale/Arenas maps, or the team can create all new maps designed for these modes (both approaches are used for Arenas). There have been several fan-favorite limited-time modes, such as Shadow Royale and Holo-Day Bash, with the latter being an objective mode in the battle royale spin-off.

The other things Apex Legends modes come and go with events, but introducing a new permanent objective playlist would be great. There may be a fear that the game’s population will be scattered among the plethora of modes, with Arena and battle royale both receiving standard and ranked versions. However, a new permanent mode seems like an appropriate next step.

Apex Legends and Titanfall in 2022

legend apex titanfall

Apex Legends has always been connected with Titanfall, as the games share the same universe and lore. The shooting took place about thirty tears later Titanfall and Titanfall 2Border war. As Apex Legends keep growing, more and more Titanfall elements have sneaked in. Apex Legends continue to borrow weapons from Titanfall, with the CAR SMG being the most recent example. The Valkyrie Legend was added in 2021, when her father was an Enemy Pilot in Titanfall 2. Meanwhile, Ash is a main character in Titanfall 2, and she was the last legend before Mad Maggie. It’s likely that Respawn will continue to merge shooters.

Apex Legends Currently available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. Versions for mobile, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S are in development.

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