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Next October marks the release of David Gordon Green’s Halloween is over, the last chapter in Halloween the trilogy reboot started back in 2018. The first chapter, simply titled, Halloween, picking out forty years after the events of Original film by John Carpenter released in 1978. The Carpenter’s Murder tells the story of “absolutely evil” Michael Myers, a crazed murderer who, as a young boy, murdered his sister; and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), a resident of Myer’s hometown, Haddonfield, to which he returned after escaping the mental institution where he had been locked up for 15 years.


Michael catches Laurie babysitting on the night of his murderous Halloween and, after killing her best friends, tries to make her his next victim. However, this plan fails when Laurie tries to escape from Michael’s clutches after he is shot multiple times by his psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence). The impact threw Michael off the balcony, but when Loomis looked down the killer was gone. Upon hearing Michael’s rapid breathing, and a clip of locations where he might be hiding, viewers are officially in awe.

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Green Halloween, set forty years, sees Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode – perhaps Horror’s most iconic ultimate girl. Now nearly 60, Laurie has a daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), and a granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak). Viewers learn that because of the heartbreak she suffered at the hands of Michael, Laurie has a strained relationship with Karen, who was cared for at the age of 12. Apparently this isn’t the only thing she’s lost.

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Suffering from paranoia, Laurie’s mental health also declined, as she lived her life waiting and preparing for Michael’s return. Ironically, that is what brings the mother and daughter back together. When the killer shows up at Laurie’s house as predicted, she, Karen, and the Allyson band work together to take him down once and for all by locking him in the basement and setting the house on fire. And when it looked like viewers had their last look at Michael… they did. But only in the sense that he’s gone (again), ready to return soon.

Latest Green’s, Halloween Kills, choose right where Halloween left. The film opens with an army of firefighters racing to the burning building, but can’t hear Laurie “let it burn!” screaming and not knowing that the person they were about to save was a dangerous killer who will kill them. Elsewhere, Michael Myers survivors celebrate 40 years in prison, happily unaware that he’s coming back. These survivors include the two children Laurie saved 40 years ago: Tommy Doyle (played by Anthony Michael Hall here) and Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards). Doyle, who took to the stage to share their stories, fell in love with the well-dressed crowd, and it is this community spirit that will carry Haddonfield residents through the terror that awaits them. wait for them. At least for a while.


When news broke that Michael was back, the people of Haddonfield united with one purpose – to destroy the evil force that had plagued their neighbourhood. And they gave it a pretty good run. The final sequence of Killing Did Michael’s massacre survivors (not many) shoot the killer? Laurie, who is hospitalized throughout the film, is not part of this angry mob. Although Michael was wounded in every possible way, he survived the battle. And because he survived, Karen didn’t.

Halloween is over, the final chapter in Green’s trilogy, takes place four years after the events above, on Halloween 2022 – around the same time End will be released. Because of this time period, audiences can expect to see more Laurie, who will (hopefully) recover from injury in the coming weeks. Killing. Viewers can also look forward to End to relate to events that happened in the intervening years. Speaking of the people of Haddonfield, Green told Uproxx, “Not only did they have the world in front of them affected by that trauma [brought on by Michael] … But then they also there was a pandemic and exceptional politics around the world and a million other things that turned their world upside down.”

As well as more masks, viewers can also expect to see more Allyson, as Laurie’s granddaughter will undoubtedly be at the heart of the sequel. Lost his father and friends to Michael in Halloween, and now her mother and boyfriend are in Killing, Allyson had more than enough ammo to take down Myers. Whether she will, is anyone’s guess. Fans will certainly want to see Laurie awarded this honor, but unfortunately, this seems unlikely. Talking to Blend Cinema, Curtis teased”[Ends is] It will make people very angry and it will be shocking. “Many take this as confirmation that Laurie won’t survive the movie. After all, what makes fans angrier than watching the last girl die at the hands of the man who ruined her life? Elsewhere Curtis has shared End maybe it will be her last played Laurie Strode, but fans shouldn’t take this as confirmation that her character is going to die.

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With Laurie and Allyson, End will also see Wallace return as the young girl who survived Halloween in ’78. While Tommy succumbs to Michael in Killing, Lindsey tries to survive, and Green is still not done with her character. Noting the similarities between teenage Laurie and adult—Lindsey protects children from Michael, Green recently told Fandom, “It’s an exciting thing to explore… More stories to come, yes.” It also has the ability End will see the return of Killing survivors, Deputy Hawkins (Thomas Mann / Will Patton) and Sheriff Barker (Omar Dorsey).

In Killing viewers learn that Hawkins is responsible for letting Myers escape back in ’78, and theories have been swirled around that, after decades of guilt, he will be the one to kill Michael. That is if Michael could be killed. Another theory is that Dr. Loomis will appear in End in one way or another. In Green’s trilogy – all else aside Halloween sequel – Loomis only appears via tape and flashbacks. In Halloween (2018) it is mentioned that the doctor is dead; about what exactly is not resolved, and so his death remains inconspicuous. Loomis is an important character in Halloween franchise, and since he appeared in Killing (albeit briefly) it can End will revive him too.

Halloween is over will Directed by Green, he and Danny McBride will co-write the film with the help of newcomers Paul Logan and Chris Bernier. Legendary John Carpenter will serve as executive producer and provide haunting scores. End Production starts in January and will be released on October 14th. And for those who are sad HalloweenDone, good news Green has confirmed that he will be rebooting The Exorcist Next. Crossed fingers Curtis will play the lead role.

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