What we hope to see in the next Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer

It’s been a while since BioWare announced this Dragon Age: Dread Wolf, and even longer since gamers were able to play a new mainline installment in the fan-favorite fantasy series. With the next entry confirmed to be in development as early as 2018, players have had plenty of time to speculate about the upcoming title and there have been a multitude of different theories about it Dragon Age: Dread Wolf and its content. BioWare has released some details and is looking behind the scenes to swamp fans, but things have been a little quiet on the update front lately.


The fourth main entry in the dragon time The series only recently had its official name revealed, which might seem like a minor detail, but it confirmed some suspicions and hinted at a direction for the game’s narrative. Despite these breadcrumbs and other intriguing info dropped by the developer, fans are still thirsty for more details on the upcoming RPG. The next trailer is undoubtedly on the horizon, and there’s a list of things players would like to see in the game’s latest look.

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A lot of unanswered questions

From what BioWare has confirmed and through a variety of smaller details, fans have been able to piece together a few things Dragon Age: Dread Wolf and the narrative ground it will likely cover. From the trailer shown during the Game Awards 2020, it looks like regular series star Varric Tethras may make another appearance Dragon Age: Dread Wolf when the voiceover is saying something. Some other characters, in particular from Dragon Age: Inquisition how the Tevinter mage Dorian may return also thanks to the upcoming game’s setting, but none of that has been fully confirmed yet.

Both Varric and Dorian are popular characters dragon time Fans, so it might be a good way to tie the entries together and give returning players a delightful callback when they appear in the next game. Dragon Age: Dread Wolf will also be the first direct sequel to the series, so it definitely makes sense to bring back some of the characters from the last entry, not just as a nod to fans, but for narrative cohesion.

Many players may wonder what the fate of their companions was afterwards Dragon Age: Inquisition, and their past relationships with main antagonist Solas raise many questions about how they will deal with the renegade mage’s long-awaited return as he puts his plans into action. Solas’ betrayal is a fallout from the last game, but fans will also be wondering what else is being carried over Dragon Age: Inquisition and its DLC, especially since player choices had such a profound impact. The next trailer should at least cover the fate of the Inquisition, if not its core members and former associates of Solas.

Demonstrate the new setting

One of the things players have been looking forward to the most in the coming period Dragon Age: Dread Wolf is his attitude. While the Tevinter Empire has been a prominent location throughout dragon time According to lore, it has never appeared in a game as a visitable region. Characters like Dorian hail from the area, and as the oldest human nation in Thedas, it is of great interest to many. Unlike other lands and territories in Thedas, Tevinter is a magocracy where magic users are not only respected but dominate hierarchical society.

This is in sharp contrast to many other settings that players have been able to explore in the past dragon time Games, and just that unique aspect of his company makes it a narratively intriguing place. Tevinter’s capital, Minrathous, is also an intriguing place that players are keen to explore, and it looks like the developers are going with more of a steampunk fantasy aesthetic for this bustling fictional metropolis, as opposed to the more traditional designs of others dragon time cities. The next trailer could delve deeper into the maze of streets in Tevinter’s capital and show how visually different it is Dragon Age: Dread Wolf turns out to be.

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A fresh cast of characters

Companions are arguably the most important characters in a dragon time Game. They can make or break gameplay, ease the tedium of exploring vast areas of wilderness with their endearing and humorous banter, or provide the meaningful relationships that exist at the heart of each game to humanize the diverse cast of adventurers. Everyone will have their personal favorites, but popular additions like Cassandra, Alistair, Morrigan, Iron Bull, and Fenris really helped showcase each game’s writing and storytelling strengths.

The bar is set very high there Dragon Age: Dread Wolfs companions. Some fans are hoping for unique and likable characters, and after a few teased images and details, it seems BioWare is aiming to deliver a diverse roster of previously unseen companion characters like a female Qunari. That bodes well, but a new trailer could really showcase these new companions in more detail.

While Solas is undoubtedly the main focus of Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Thanks to his character arc in the previous game and the title of the upcoming one, fans are wondering if there might be more antagonistic forces at play. Without revealing too much, the next trailer z Dragon Age: Dread Wolf could answer some unanswered questions and explore the threats players will encounter in greater depth to put a few theories to bed – or even ignite a new charge.

It’s not exactly clear when fans will get the next one Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Trailer, but many are banking on a release during the next Game Awards towards the end of the year. This fits BioWare’s pattern for previous games and seems like a reasonable proposition given the rumours Dragon Age: Dread Wolf could hit the market sometime in 2023.

Dragon Age: Dread Wolf is under development.

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